Editable Floating Fields V3

I had a user report a bug in the floating field sample  — the sample described in these blog entries: Version1   Version2

I’ve updated the code again.  The specific problems fixed were:

  1. The editing field can now be unbound (binding="none"). This is important in cases where you are using an xml schema and there isn’t data that you can bind to the editor field.
  2. There was a problem with preserving trailing spaces in edited values.  The easiest fix was to strip trailing spaces from the edited values.

Here is the updated form.  And the updated fragment.

13 Responses to Editable Floating Fields V3

  1. radzmar says:

    Fantastic work, again! Works really smooth now.

    Just one minor question .
    Is it possible to remove the one leading space for the floating fields as there are currently 2 consecutive spaces?

    • radzmar:

      Glad you’re enjoying the sample.
      I couldn’t find a way to avoid having the extra leading space. The original post explains:

      “Extra leading space. There’s a (non-breaking) space at the beginning of each floating field. This is needed to ensure that the user input is always rendered with the shaded field background. When you type into rich text, the typed text always inherits the format of the character preceding the caret. In order to make sure that content inserted at the beginning of a floating field gets shaded, I needed to add an extra (un-editable) space character. I initially tried using an invisible character such as a zero width space, but found that in Acrobat 9 these special Unicode spaces are made visible when they’re part of field content. I suspect that was done for security reasons”


  2. Leslie Wood says:

    This is Fantastic, great work.

    Is it possible with the drop down list which you are using for the States, to have the arrow so that you can see the drop down list with all the values that you can choose from?

    • John Brinkman says:

      I can’t think of a way to introduce the drop down arrow. The arrow is part of the widget used for choice list fields; and we’re working with a text-entry widget. So you’d have to either introduce a second widget or simulate the arrow. I can’t think of an easy way to do either.


      • Leslie Wood says:

        So there is no way to get the list for that drop down with out maybe introduce a second widget . i’m after getting the list so you can see what you can choose from.

  3. Theodoros Giannakis says:

    Hi John,
    There is any way when you print, the gray colour for the float fields
    does not print?
    Fantastic sample!


    • John Brinkman says:


      Good question. I have updated the sample to do this. I used a prePrint event to show the rich text draw element and hide the rich text field. Then I used a postPrint event to revert to the editable view.


  4. Amy Werland says:

    I am using Editable Floating Fields – Can you tab set the floating fields?

    • John Brinkman says:


      The set of floating fields are implemented as one widget. So you can’t focus on any individual floating field. You are limited to using mouse/cursor to position in the fields.


  5. Amy Werland says:

    Another question on the editable floating fields. I have a 19 page contract/legal document that most information inputed will be on the first couple of pages. However, I have one editable floating field (and is throughout the document) that I have set as global based on the first page. As I click into the highlighted fields, the global fields fill in automatically, but I have to click inside each field to get it to initiate. Is there a way that it can update all the global fields without having to click individually on each gloabl floating field throughout the 19 page document?

    • Amy:
      I tried to reproduce this … I created a copy of the letterEdit field and changed the binding of both to be “global”. Then whenever I exit either field, the other is faithfully updated.
      So … either I’m not understanding the problem or maybe there was a bug fixed for Acrobat 10?


      • Amy Werland says:

        John… After I read your reply, I realized that I mistyped my question. I should have said that when I fill in the global fields on the first page, I have to click into each individual page (after the first page) that has the matching global fields to get it to populate. Is there is any way that the entire document, i.e., page 1 through 19 will populate after I fill in the first iniital global without having to go to each page individually to get it to update? If it would help I will be glad to send you a copy of my form that I created using your editable floating fields, which by the way is awesome… I wish this could be a regular feature on future Livecyle/Adobe updates. I have googled this and so many people are looking for exactly what you have done.


        • Amy:
          As discussed offline, the solution was to force a refresh in the exit event of the global fields.
          Glad you like the sample and are able to use it. The only thing that I regret about it is that it’s not friendly for users who fill out the form with a screen reader.