Guided Activities highlighted at Adobe MAX

After the Blue Man Group performed during the opening general session at Adobe MAX on Tuesday we were treated to a number of demos of new products coming soon from Adobe.  Near the end of all the demos Ben Forta did a demo of creating a Rich Internet Application from a document created in LiveCycle Designer.  Since time was running out this demo got very little stage time but was quite compelling nevertheless. Basically what Ben’s demo showed was that using Adobe products one could take one of the millions of PDFs out there, import it into LiveCycle Designer, specify the layout of the RIA by selecting fields in the Designer, and then rendering the updated XML form template using LiveCycle Forms as a compiled and integrated Flex application.

WOW!!!  Without even having to open Flex Builder a business user will be able to create applications that leverage the Flex Framework from within LiveCycle Designer and have LiveCycle Forms handle the actual generation.

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