Drag and Drop support in Guide Builder

Did you know that the Guide Builder tool included with LiveCycle Designer not only supports drag and drop from the Designer canvas but also from the file system?

I’ll start with drag and drop with LiveCycle Designer.  In Guide Builder the form hierarchy is provided to allow a user to pick form objects that they wish to appear in their form guide. While this hierarchy provides a quick way to see all the objects on a form they may not be easy to find particularily on a larger form.  In these cases it may be easier to pick objects directly from the design view canvas in LiveCycle Designer.  With Guide Builder running switch back to Designer and pick the fields you want to include in your form guide.  Next, drag and drop these fields on top of Guide Builder.  When a panel is selected these fields will be automatically added to that panel otherwise a dialog will appear asking you where you would like the fields to be placed.

If that wasn’t cool enough Guide Builder also supports SWC, CSS, XML and XDP file types being dragged form the file system.  How each of these files is handled depends on what view Guide Builder is currently in. 

When in the Edit Guide view any guide definitions found in XML or XDP files will be imported into the current guide.  Any SWC files that are dropped onto Guide Builder will be added as custom library components for the currently selected guide.

When in the Customize Appearance view any SWC or CSS files that are dropped onto Guide Builder will be used as a custom style for the currently selected guide.

For more information on using Guide Builder look up Using Guide Builder in the LiveCycle Designer ES Help.

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