Tips and tricks from the form guide team

A great new blog is now available from the Form Guide team at Adobe.  This blog will contain contributions from many memebers of the form guide team as they discuss tips, tricks and best practices concerning Form Guides.

The team is also looking for questions and suggestions from those early adoptors out there already using Form Guides to help guide future postings so be sure to provide lots of comments.

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One Response to Tips and tricks from the form guide team

  1. Niketa says:

    Hi,I am using the following line to populate the Print dialog, “0”, (, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0)Is there any way that I can access “Pages” option using JavaScript with Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 where I can show the page range to print?I want to print 3 copies of 1st Page and then the one copy of full PDF. So in the Pages option of Print dialog box I want to display 1,1,1,1-9. Is there any way to accomplish this programmatically?Or is there any better way to print 3 copies of 1st page and then 1 copy of whole pdf?Thanks.Niketa