LiveCycle ES2 is just around the corner

With Adobe MAX just wrapping up now there were plenty of announcements made over the past couple of days for developers.  One announcement I am particularly excited about is LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2).

LiveCycle ES2 is Adobe’s enterprise offering for generating, capturing, and exchanging business information using integrated RIAs, secure documents and automated processes. LiveCycle ES2 helps businesses and governments more effectively deliver engaging applications across devices and channels to customers, citizens, and partners inside and outside the organization. New features of LiveCycle ES2 include personalized rich Internet application (RIA) workspaces, mobile and desktop access to business critical applications, a more collaborative and productive development environment, and a new deployment option in the cloud – allowing workers, developers and decision makers to bring value to their organizations faster than ever before.

LiveCycle ES2 now provides an ActionScript and JavaScript RIA application programming interface (API) that allows for rapid model-driven application development that reduces the amount of code required and simplifies data integration. Developers will also appreciate the new Adobe Solution Accelerators, which are deployable solution framework and best practices methodologies that help developers kick start project planning and decrease development time by leveraging best practices and processes and re-using existing code and building blocks to extend LiveCycle solution components.

Also announced is a cloud deployment option for Adobe LiveCycle ES2 hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment, making it easier for developers to stage multiple LiveCycle applications before going live in production.

Over the next couple of months as LiveCycle ES2 gets closer to being launched I will continue to post information on what I feel are some of the more compelling reasons to use LiveCycle ES2.  Feel free to post coments as well if there are any particular areas you would like to be discussed.

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