Programmatically displaying LiveCycle ES2 Guides

The delivery of Guides (formally form guides) in LiveCycle ES2 has changed significantly.  Previously, form guides were rendered from an XDP using the Forms API.  Now that Guides in LiveCycle ES2 are derived from a model however the Forms API does not have to be used.  Instead, services have been made available that make it very easy to create a LiveCycle process that will return a guide.  When using LiveCycle Workspace this work is handled automatically but there will be situations where a developer will want to display a guide as part of their own web application.  In these cases LiveCycle provides several methods to invoke a process.  A simple REST URL or web service call could be made or the invocation API could be accessed programmatically.

In order to show how you can programmatically display a guide in a web application I have posted a recipe to the new LiveCycle Cookbook that is part of the Adobe Developer Connection.  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Also, I plan to start adding more LiveCycle and Guide recipes to the cookbook.  If you have any suggestions for content feel free to pass them along.

View all my cookbook recipes here.

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