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Move your Enterprise Applications to the Cloud

Over the past few months I have been working on a team that has been busy developing a solution to allow production quality applications to be hosted and deployed “in the cloud”.


Adobe LiveCycle is already established as a leader in automating processes to ease communication in your organization.  Now the burden of deploying and maintaining your own server infrastructure can also be eased by using LiveCycle Managed Services 


With Adobe LiveCycle® Managed Services, you can develop and deploy LiveCycle applications securely without installing, configuring, or maintaining LiveCycle instances in your own data center. All instances are hosted on the proven Amazon Elastic Compute cloud architecture.


The following LiveCycle ES2 modules are currently supported:


PDF Generator, Reader Extensions, Output, Rights Management, Digital Signatures, Forms, Process Management, and Content Services.


With 1.0 now out the door we are already busy working on lots of new features for future releases. Feel free to leave a comment however if you have any questions about using LiveCycle in the cloud.


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