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This is second post in my previous series of LiveCycle Mobile Forms. In this post, I will introduce utility tool called Forms Management that eases out forms deployment on live production systems.

The Forms Management streamlines the process of updating, managing, and retiring thousands of forms and the business users can manage forms without any help from IT support.

One can access Forms Management console through http://<server>:<port>/lc/fm. Here is how it looks like once you log in using super admin user.



There is search control where one can search through the forms. Forms Management UI shows all  LiveCycle applications that contains forms. You can go and select one of the applications and browse into the forms. You can select the forms and preview it as pdf or html5. Here is how preview screen looks like:



You can select a form and edit metadata corresponding to it and the metadata is searchable too.

2 Responses to Forms Management

  1. Prasad Pandari says:

    Did you had a chance to write the blog on offline forms. We are particularly interested in this technology. We have LiveCycle es2 based forms which works on offline worker laptops. We are planning to extend the functionality on mobile devices. The key criteria is the forms should work in offline mode.

    • Raghavendra Pandey says:

      Not in detail but you can look for LC Mobile Workspace to get your job done. They have offline-able mobile form.

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