Mobile Forms: LiveCycle Designer way

You want to quickly test your designed form on how it would look like as Mobile Form, you can do it right from the livecycle designer without any other application. You first need to point your designer to use an LiveCycle ES4 server. You can configure it in LiveCycle Designer menu Tools->Options->Server Options like the following:




Now open an existing form or a new form in the LC designer, you would notice a tab HTML Preview near by Design View, Master Pages and Preview PDF. If you cannot see that tab don’t worry just locate HTML Preview in the view menu option and enable it. When you click on the HTML Preview tab, you would see the html preview of the currently opened form in the designer.




See how easy it is to preview html forms while designing it. This will speed up the development of the form as one can preview both PDF as well as HTML right from the designer itself. In the next post I’ll share how one can test templates outside of the designer and in the browser.

5 Responses to Mobile Forms: LiveCycle Designer way

  1. Michele says:

    Hi… when will be available LiveCycle Designer ES4 for download/buying?

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  3. Kevin Guterl says:

    What web browser engine does the “HTML Preview” use in LiveCycle Designer ES4? Is it WebKit, Gecko, Trident? I would like to know which web browser the HTML Preview engine most closely resembles.

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