Passing parameters to Mobile Form

In LC ES4, we get this feedback from customers that they want to hide the parameters passed to Mobile Form profile to render a form. If you could see the There was only one way to pass parameters that is through request parameters (refer to Mobile Profile page). In ES4 SP1, we introduced couple more ways to pass parameters to Mobile Form.
You can pass parameters by using setAttribute(parameter_name, parameter_value) on the request object if you are forwarding a request from any other jsp/servlet to Mobile Form profile jsp/servlet. This will have highest precedence.
Another way to pass parameters is through profile node i.e. the node where request is made. For example, http://localhost:8080/lc/content/xfaforms/profiles/test.html /content/xfaforms/profiles/test is the profile node. You can specify parameters as node properties on this node using crxde.

Mobile Form gives highest precedence to parameter values set using setAttribute then it falls back to profile node properties and in the last it reads values through request parameters.

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