Set up output trays for LC Output

Long time back I have posted a blog on how to select paper from various input trays of the printer while printing an XFA form using LC Output. This post is to describe how to specify an output bin/tray on the printer where all the printed papers should go after printing. There can be multiple bins in the printer for various functionality like staple/binding etc. And the user might want to use one of them after printing the document.

There are two steps to enable selection of output trays in LC Output service. You need XDC Editor or you can do manual editing of xdc files to add the various output trays present on your target printer. And then while generating a print document, you need to specify the output tray you want in the xci or configuration file. I’ll describe these steps in detail in the following sections.

Output Trays in XDC Editor

When you open any file in XDC Editor, in the top right corner there is a table which lists the output trays of the target printer.

Output Tray Table

Here the first column “Output Tray Name” will show any meaningful name that the user has specified while adding the output tray. This value can be anything as this is for the user to identify the trays and not used in processing the document. The second column “Tray Bin” is an id which is used by the print driver to identify the tray while generating the print document. This id is used in xci/configuration file to hint the print driver what output tray should it select.

And the third column “Tray Number” is the actual device command that is to be specified in order to select this tray. This command can be found in the printer manual and can be different for PS and PCL.

Please test the tray number commands using a test print before

Adding a new output tray

When you click on the “Add” button of Output tray table, you will get the following dialog box. You can specify the three entries in the text field as described above.

Specify Output tray in XCI file.

There is a <outputBin> element in XCI file under <ps> and <pcl> section. You can specify the “id” of the tray i.e. the entry of the second column to select that particular tray. Here is the example XCI snippet.


3 Responses to Set up output trays for LC Output

  1. Marc Frasch says:

    Is it possible to trigger the output tray dynamically?
    Maybe with a “Job Profile”?
    Which format forms the basis of the Job Profiles?
    Or are there any outher possibilities?

    • Raga says:

      Mark, Yes it is very much possible to dynamically specify the Output tray. If you take a look at the last section of my blog it explains how to do that. Basically XCI (or configuration) forms the basis of job profile.

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