Smart submission – part II : LiveCycle Process

In my last post on Mobile Form data submission, I discussed how to submit data directly to a LiveCycle process. In ES4 LiveCycle Mobile Form, one needed to deploy the custom package shared in this blog. In ES4 SP1, submission to any LC process is even more easier to do. Now you don’t need custom package any more.

You can download the FormSubmission LiveCycle process and import it following the instructions. You can create your own process as well. The important part is to get the REST url of the process. The rest url of the process turns out to be http://localhost:8080/rest/services/<ApplicationName>/<ProcessName>:1.0 as shown in the screenshot of workbench.



If you hit the REST url in the browser, it will ask for credentials of a user that can run this service or process. You can also disable the authentication required for running this process, for details look for adobe help.

http://localhost:8080/lc/content/xfaforms/profiles/default.html with the following parameters:

  • contentRoot=repository:///Applications/FormSubmission/1.0
  • template=SimpleForm.xdp
  • submitUrl=http://localhost:8080/rest/services/FormSubmission/archiveForm:1.0

The difference between ES4 and ES4 SP1 is, you dont need to preprocess the submission payload of Mobile Form before routing it to a LiveCycle process. You can also implement a custom submission proxy as mentioned in service proxy post. This will not only  do away the need for exposing LiveCycle server from internet but also give you a hook to pass any authentication information to LiveCycle process.

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