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Scribble your forms

With new Mobile Forms, it is much easier to customize the forms than ever. In this post, I will cover one such improvisation that Mobile Form provides out of the box. Mobile Form extends image field to provide a scribble control on the form. The users can scribble any useful drawing, for example their signatures to the form. This control comes in the livecycle ES4 designer out of the box. Due to its close proximity with paper signature, we call it signature scribble. So here is how you design a form with scribble.

Open any existing form or a new form in LiveCycle ES4 Designer. Drop in signature  scribble object from the Object Library pane as shown below:



Once you open the form in browser you will see the following UI experience. You can scribble anything using the brush and save it. This control is only available for mobile forms. In pdf world this will be treated like an image and you don’t see any interactivity with that image.