My blazeDS XDoclet Spring Hibernate Maven Archetype

I started working on a personal project during the week-ends lately.

Here is the result I’m happy to share with the world :
A great new blazeDS Xdoclet Spring Hibernate Maven Archetype (hosted at google code):

Try it out !

  • Add my maven repository to your repositories list in your maven configuration file,
  • Run 3 maven command lines :
    • mvn archetype:create …. (to create your new flex blazeds spring hibernate multi-modules project)
    • mvn install (at the root of your newly created project : to compile and package it)
    • mvn jetty:run-exploded (at the root of java_webapp module : to run and test your web app at http://localhost:8080 )

You’ll have a sample webapp displays a CRUD “Hello world!” flex web application . This CRUD application was “inspired” from a great article made by Sébastien Arbogast
Thanks Sebastien !

The flex stuff is compiled and packaged through Flex Mojos.
Thanks Velo !

I know quite a few people are waiting for it (12 votes and 6 watching) :
Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment, or a mail.
I’ll tell you more about it in the coming days.

5 Responses to My blazeDS XDoclet Spring Hibernate Maven Archetype

  1. dialloma says:

    Hello François,I want to try your archetype. I have added your repository information in my maven configation file. But it work not yet. So I want to that, if it’s possible, you send me an email with on attached file, the project source. After I’m goin to install it in my local repository.Thank you in advancedialloma

  2. This is really a great idea. I’ve been looking for a ready-to-work solution based on maven and here it is !Thanks for your work.Nicolas

  3. serge says:

    Hi,I have a “Embedded error: OldArchetype does not exist.”It seems to be a MVN problem.Any suggestions?kr, Serge

  4. ryan says:

    two words: fucken a.

  5. Marcelo says:

    Hi, i was testing you archetype and i found it really usefull, i’m still trying to understand the uso of in you archetype, any chance you guys are going to make e tutorial?Thx !!!

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