Flex for Java developers (at the BreizhJUG)

Yesterday I had the chance to present at the BreizhJUG (a Breton Java user group) a session named
“Flex for Java Developers”. A crowd of almost 100 happy Java developers and architects was willing to know more about Flex.

I had an an hour and half to cover :

  • a basic presentation of the flash and AIR platforms,

  • cool UX flash/flex/AIR demos

  • the latest great features of flash 10

  • and flex, and its ecosystem from a Java developer perspective (mvn framework, testing libraries, building and quality tools, blazeds, lcds)

I ended up the session presenting fna
maven archetypes. I prepared some new fna features for this talk. Those features are still under development but are already available in SNAPSHOT releases :

  • I added flexbuilder support to some of my archetypes.
    (Taking as a start the simpler of all the fna archetypes, the

  • I also upgraded the archetypes with flexmojos 2.0 support and up to the latest Flex SDK

Have a look atmy other blog
to look up for details and for the presentation I uploaded on slideshare

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