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“Flex and LCDS best practices from the trenches” @ AdobeMAX 2010

Our MAX “Flex and LCDS best practices from the trenches” presentation
has just been published as a chaptered screen cast video.
Meanwhile I also posted the slides on slideshare :

In this presentation we go beyond the Flex and LCDS pimp demo, as we share practical and pragmatic practices that come from the collective experience of the real people who design, develop, and operate the Hendrix application.
Hendrix is an Adobe business critical enterprise rich Internet application (RIA) that provides Adobe’s service and sales representatives with a single, intuitive interface for addressing customer questions.

Adobe recently published a case study on Hendrix in their showcase portal, in which you will have a good overview of the project nature and ROI.
Whereas in this presentation you will find out about Hendrix integration landscape, technical constraints and challenges, as well as Hendrix core architectural principles:

  • How we drove the development and build the Hendrix architecture for a better encapsulation and modularization. How we advocate a clear separation of concern.
  • How we focused on APIS definitions.
  • How we handled exceptions.

We also presented the wonders of CTI integration and finally our last words were be about agility:

  • Agility tips for a distributed team,
  • Agility enabling tips :
    You will see how you can easily build a complete and efficient software factory
    while streamlining your flex development

All of these points were showcased through a sample (and simple) multiscreen (web and android) demo application.
Note that this sample application will be shortly released on adobe open source portal (on as part of the Cairngorm 3 project.
I’ll keep you posted.

Cairngorm 3.0.2 release

I’m delighted to announce the Cairngorm 3.0.2 release. As you may know by now Cairngorm 3 provides a set of optional Flex utilities libraries for navigation, validation, module loading, reduction of view behavior, task processing and popup management.

The latest version we made is Cairngorm 3.0.2 is made of the following libraries :

Note that all of the above was uploaded in a Cairngorm 3 maven repository.

Please note also that :

  • The Observer, Task, Popup and Validation libraries have been used in production for several years, but Cairngorm 3 marks their first official open-source release.
  • The other libraries (versions 0.*) are less mature and can still considered beta release.
  • Several of the Cairngorm 3 libraries are implemented as extensions to the Parsley Application Framework (as you may have guessed from the above names). In order to take advantage of these libraries, you also need to use Parsley. However, other Cairngorm libraries, such as Observer, Popup, Task and Validation are independent of any third-party framework. The Cairngorm 3 Architecture can also be applied with other third-party libraries and frameworks.
  • We are also currently working at improving Cairngorm 3 wiki

You are encouraged to submit us any bug or feature request at