New LiveCycle ES2 Goodies on Adobe Labs

This week the LiveCycle Workbench team created a new Technology page on Adobe Labs:
LiveCycle on Labs

The Workbench Engineering team is using Adobe Labs to provide you with a whole new set of Workbench enhancements that are all compatible with ES2 plus a new Eclipse Plug-in for Java developers that helps you build Custom Components (a.k.a ‘Custom DSCs’). This approach gives you updates for our developer tooling to try out and give feedback to the team before we release them in future versions of LiveCycle. Also I think you will find them very useful in their own right.

Be sure to comment on the Labs Forum for either the Workbench Add-ons or the Custom Component Builder with any feedback or ideas you have for improvements:
Component Builder Forum
Workbench Add-ons Forum

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