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In this post I will share some applications that illustrate a few frameworks we’ve been working on to help developers who build solutions using the Adobe Enterprise Platform. Notice that this blog post has something new. These samples are actually live and running on the internet for you to play with. not just screen shots 🙂

Modular Content-driven Applications

The first example illustrates modular development of a user interface, such that you can compose an application out of multiple individual components (could be HTML or Flash based). Modular development might seem like an ordinary concept for good application design. But we have done something quite extraordinary in this field. Now you can literally assemble an application by hosting its constituent parts as content within CRX. Then you can modify your application layout and update its individual components administratively after it was first deployed. No need to rebuild and redeploy the whole web application.

The example below uses two separate components (we call them, “Tiles“). One Tile is an HTML application built using Apache Sling (see my previous post). The other Tile is a classic Flex application that shows a data grid. These are two different applications that can be built and maintained separately but brought together to form a “Composite Web Application”.

This composite web application also has an additional surprise. When the HTML and Flex Tile are composed in this way, the client framework used to display Tiles in the browser (or in AIR) permits communication of data and objects between each Tile via a “Shared Global Application Content”. Try entering a “watch” attribute (any string you like) in the Flex Tile, then submit a value for that attribute in the HTML Tile. You will then see this Tile-to-Tile communication in action.

>>> Live Application Link Here

(or click below to see a screen shot)

Displaying Content in Flex

The next example I’d like to show you is a framework we’ve been working on to provide Flex developers ready made UI Components in Flash Builder that make development against our Platform a breeze; particularly for things that we think you might need to do often. Here I show displaying any type of content (images, movies, documents etc.) that you can browse and select from a CRX Repository and display it within a boundary area in a Flex application. This is a very common pattern in many Flex applications today.

Look for the “testdrive” folder and click around the assets within it. You will see that each type of asset gets rendered in the same view which, rather than being built from scratch to handle all these types of content, just uses a Flex UI component that we call the ‘Web Document Viewer”

>>> Live Application Link Here

(or click below to see a screen shot)

Interested? You want code? That’s all coming soon (watch this Blog). But hopefully this might give you some idea of what we’re doing to help developers not only deliver a great user experience, but to take advantage of a new modular and content-driven approach to building applications.

(Acknowledgments: My Thanks to Ankush Kumar and Seth Reilly from our Engineering “Ruck” team for the original samples)

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  1. Nice Gary! although I have to call out the fact that the page title for the second sample returns “undefined” … I am sure that was intended 🙂

  2. Gary Gilchrist says:

    YesI have a little glitch there. Fixed in the next release..