My Developer Lab at Adobe MAX

This year at MAX I have prepared a developer hands on lab session with Seth Reilly called, “Creating Mashups with ADEP’s Composite Application Framework”.

During the session we build a composite application from scratch using all the cool new ADEP features in Flash Builder 4.5.1. Then we dive into a really interesting use case that mashes up existing Flash UI components, Services, HTML and JavaScript to build a fun application. We start with a simulated stock quote streamer (yes, I know .. but stay with me here!) and then we build it out to show a Google Map which automatically jumps to the city location of the company whose stock you select. Pretty nifty, eh.

Here is a screen shot (after some deliberately loud skinning!)

(Click to enlarge)

Here are the basic points we will hit in the session:

  1. Using Flash Builder to author, deploy and debug a Composite Application
  2. Adding a “Service” to your Composite Application. In this case an address look up.
  3. Adding an HTML Tile to your Composite Application In this case an HTML and Action Script Tile to drive a Google Map
  4. Communicating objects between Flex Tiles and HTML. In this case we share an Address Object and access it in JavaScript using JSON to reset the Google Map when you choose an address.
  5. Tips ‘n Tricks for Skinning. We apply a .CSS and a new MXML Skin to the application, for example allowing you to drag & drop the Tiles around within the application.

If you are lucky enough to be going to Max, come check out the Lab, grab a workstation and follow along. We start at 5:00pm sharp on Monday October 2nd in the ADEP Labs area and the session is called, “L2540 – Creating Mashups with ADEP’s Composite Application Framework”

If you would like to read the full tutorial, check it out here:

Happy Hacking –



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