Commenting will be offline shortly

We are doing some maintenance work on this morning that will suspend the ability to submit comments until approximately 12pm pacific-time. I’ll update this entry when everything is back to normal.

UPDATE: As of 12:30 PT, the commenting capability should be online.


Indeed, this is just the beginning of “”:, and it is therefore not surprising that we have only a few blogs with about as many entries. But, I personally favour this approach rather than keeping “”: under wraps and attempting to prime it with content.

I’ve been working towards the launch of “”: for some time, along with a diverse virtual team, and at least for the very near term I will continue to have a role in the care and feeding of the site. Over the coming weeks I fully expect to discover issues and areas for improvement — please let me know either via comments or “email” if you spot something that isn’t working or have a suggestion. Suggestions for types of blogs that you wish to see are encouraged as well.

Now, some important information about commenting. Currently all comments on the blogs are queued for approval by the owner of the blog, so expect a delay from the moment of submitting your comment to when it appears on the blog. That delay of course will vary among the individual blog owners, and I hope they will inform their readers when they expect to be away from their blog due to work commitments, travel, etc.

And with this, the ritual of the first blog entry is over, for me.