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What does an engineer do with some free time?

What can I say… I was inspired by both the screensaver on Apple TV and the ease of use of Adobe Flex. So, in a day, I whipped up a little side project that combined those two elements along with the images of flickr.

It is not often I toot my own horn, but in this case toot toot. I’m actually proud of it.

My creation is the flickr ticker.

By default the ticker shows the currently uploaded photos in an Apple TV like stream. But if you go to you will see flickr’s most interesting stream by. Additionally I added a way to show both flickr member’s and photos in flickr groups in this manner. The easiest way to see this (if you are a flickr member) is to use a little Greasemonkey script I wrote (found here).

If you have feature requests or find bugs, let me know.