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The Leap Into A Photography Contest

Photoshop’s Tai Luxon, pictured here, was photographed by me about a year ago. I’ve recently entered it in a photography contest sponsored by Magnum Photos, and it’s doing well. In fact, it’s very close to making it to the final selection.

If you like it you can help by voting for it. Just head over to, click through the age check (you must be over 18 to look at all of the pictures for some strange reason), and then go here: to see and vote for it.

I also have a few more entries in the contest (in different categories) of which you can see here.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

What does an engineer do with some free time?

What can I say… I was inspired by both the screensaver on Apple TV and the ease of use of Adobe Flex. So, in a day, I whipped up a little side project that combined those two elements along with the images of flickr.

It is not often I toot my own horn, but in this case toot toot. I’m actually proud of it.

My creation is the flickr ticker.

By default the ticker shows the currently uploaded photos in an Apple TV like stream. But if you go to you will see flickr’s most interesting stream by. Additionally I added a way to show both flickr member’s and photos in flickr groups in this manner. The easiest way to see this (if you are a flickr member) is to use a little Greasemonkey script I wrote (found here).

If you have feature requests or find bugs, let me know.

Quiet Moment

Quiet Moment

Originally uploaded by • g l u b •.

There’s a pretty cool photography magazine that is created with non-professional content. This magazine is none other than JPG Magazine.

Every issue has a few set themes and if you have what you think are good photos, you can submit them for the chance to make it in that issue.

The photo seen here is my first attempt to make it in the magazine under the theme Street. If you like it, I invite you to vote for it.

Into the blue…

Into The Blue

Originally uploaded by • g l u b •.

This is mostly a test post to see how Flickr and play together.

It’s a picture I took during my 6 week sabbatical to Russia, Italy, and France (yep, long trip) at the island of Capri (off the coast of Italy). It was pretty difficult to capture since you can’t use flash (will ruin the lovely blue color). So I scrambled to get the fastest lens I own (a 50mm f1.4) on the camera and shoot it before the rowboat left the grotto. I think we were in there a total of 15 seconds.