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After Effects 101 Tutorial: Bringing the basics together

The basis of this tutorial is about taking a path from Photoshop (or Illustrator) and then using it within After Effects to create a simple animation background.

I’ve seen this a lot recently, so thought you might find it useful. The attached files are there with a little extra animation and a PDF to give you the essential instructions on how to make a path in Photoshop and animate it in After Effects.

The next version of After Effects will expand its shape capabilities dramatically, but even still, the tutorial here is an essential skill for After Effects users.

One last note – if you’re pulling these down, let me know if they’re useful or not. Also, feel free to ask for specifics.

Basic Elements Tutorial

embedded pic.jpg


Hi, i’m Samuel. This my first visit to this site. I was wondering if i could get a comprehensive tutorial on adobe after effect including tips and tricks.

[DR – You might try Adobe TV at http://tv.adobe.com]

Maybe some people arn’t aware of RIGHT clicking on the link and then saving?
It’s only a thought!

What is it with you people asking this guy to SEND you stuff. If you havne’t got the hang of downloading a file then you still have a long way to go before you can use something like Adobe After Effects. If there’s a problem with a broken link, fine, but stop wasting this poor guys time with such basic questions.

[DR – Thanks Daniel. I will always try to help out people, but obviously some are more technically inclined than others. I downloaded this particular link again just to make sure everything is working – which it is.

i want to learn aftereffcet and want to become great compositer

thanks alot
i am a beginner in after effect 7
please send me tutorials

[DR – Bala, just click on the tutorial category and then the individual entries. You can usually download all of the necessary files from there.]

i want to learn aftereffcet and want to become great compositer

might have a breakthrough. WHen IU right-click on the page and check it’s properties, it says there’s a zip file. So I’m emailing it to myself. THe email messsage says the zip file is there. I’ll let you know how I get on.

[DR – let me know how you make out.]

Sorry, I must be doing something terribly wrong.
1. I still can’t access your page – it just won’t open, either at work or at home.
2. I’ve logged onto share.adobe.com, whihc is what I thought you wanted me to do, but there is no document from you.
What should I try next, please?

[DR – I’ve emailed it directly to you, breaking my own rules. ;-)]

ps I’ve found how to access the share section

[DR – Terrific Dan – enjoy the tutorial.]

yes other pages load, but when I click on the link “basic elements tutorial” it takes me to a new page which stays blank, other than a small box with an x inside in the top left corner.

Hi, I’m trying form another computer at home and the page still won’t load. Both machines use Windows XP pro. Have you any other suggestions?
Thank you in advance,
Dan Harmelin

[DR – Dan, do other pages load? If so, let me know and I’ll post it on Adobe Share where you should be able to pull it down.]

THis looks like exactly what I need, but the page won’t open. If there’s a .pdf, could you possibly email it,please? I’m trying to create a time-curve to illustrate the time-action of vario0us types of insulin.
Dan Harmelin

[DR – Dan, I checked the link and it’s all there. You should be able to download the project file and a PDF outlining what to do. Try again or try on another computer. If it still gives you fits, put another comment up here and I’ll upload it to my Adobe Share account.]


i am mohan raj.
iam very interested to learn After Effects. so could you please send me the tutorials.

i will be glad if you send me the tutorials

[DR – Glad to hear that you’re interested in After Effects. You can download any my tutorials right from the links included in the entry. Additionally, check out some of my other posts that mention other great tutorials that are available for free from various people.]

thanks alot
i am a beginner in after effect 7
please send me tutorials

[DR – they’re there for the taking. I’d click on the categories and select tutorials – that should bring up all of the downloadable content for you. Most of the entries have PDF’s and project files for you to dissect. Let me know if this isn’t what you’re looking for.]

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