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After Effects users – remember your Cycore!

The most common issue I find from beginner to intermediate AE users is the fact that they haven’t installed everything that After Effects comes with. With AE 6.5 and 7.0, you have three distinct plugins that you should be installing into your system: Cycore Effects, Keylight and Color Finesse. For the beginner, Cycore is the most handy of the three because it’s a bunch of fun effects, many very useful, some not and some just eye catching.

It’s on the After Effects CD, just pop it in and click ‘install 3rd party plugins’.


I popped my AE 6.5 disk in and Cycore is not one of the 3rd party installation options — I know the CC filters are there because they were installed before the system crashed and everything had to be reloaded, but I can’t figure out how to get them back! Please help!

[DR – The Cycore plugins were separate installers up until CS3. So, you would find the installers either on the AE disk itself or as a separate disk. At this point, I honestly don’t remember. I hope this helps.]


I am looking to purchase some graphic intro effects, however, I have only got Corel VideoStudio. I dont want to use a complex programme but would like some graphic templates. Could you tell me if I am looking in th right place or what file types I should be looking at as I do not understand aftereffects.

Kind Regards,

[DR – AE can make the templates and content for you, but if you want to get simple graphics to use, then perhaps something like http://www.digitaljuice.com might be a better place for you to look.]

I have AE CS4. How can I Plugin Cycore Effects? I bought your Projects : Space Title. Please help me to use it.

[DR – Cycore effects are automatically installed in a full version of After Effects. If you go to the effects and presets panel and type “CC” you should see them all. Perhaps you are using a trial version.]

its ok

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