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‘Da Font!’ – great website for fonts and more


I stumbled across this when I needed some zapf dingbat symbols for a composition or a mask, or…well I don’t really remember right now… The point is that this website has some fantastic stylistic fonts that are groups by categories. Most of them are free. Most of them are Mac and PC. Nearly all of them I could imagine using – they’re quite good.

Sometimes inspiration can come from the littlest thing – maybe it’s a new font that inspires you today.


I’ve contracted spyware twice now after using dafont. I didn’t realize where it originated from the first time it happened several months ago–I attributed it to something else I was doing at the time. It recently happened again, and now I see the pattern.

As useful as the site is, avoid it! Perhaps it’s safe on a Mac?

[DR – There are other comments in this post that outline the same thing and yes you are right in that I mostly access dafont.com from a Mac. Its a shame because the content is terrific. I guess use your own judgement and be sure to have some basic spyware protection. I still use the free version of GriSoft for virus’s (which are different from spyware) and then I use spybot and adaware for spyware. Good luck.]

Excellent Dennis – I have booked the site thanks


my pleasure. note another person commented about a spyware advertisement – so careful where you click!


http://www.dafont.com has an ad for DriveCleaner, which is spyware. Don’t visit this site until they change their advertising policy.

(http://www.spywareguide.com/spydet_3150_drive_cleaner.html )


Thanks for the info Edwin…I usually am accessing the site from my Mac so didn’t pay much attention to the ads. Still, the fonts are good and mostly free, so it may be worth a look to some. Dennis

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