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Disturbing Text

No, it’s not a left wing (or right if you prefer) political article, rather a tutorial for something that I see all the time. I have to admit, dreaming up the title of these posts is more fun than I generally should have. 😉

I’m in New York City this week and just walking around and seeing the billboards posters, etc (media is EVERYWHERE in NYC) and more often than not, the treatment of the text has some kind of noise, distortion, texture, etc that makes it a little different than standard typefaces. You might think that these people purchase these typefaces that look like that – perhaps sometimes. More often, they use some version of what I’m showing you here and it’s ridiculously easy, so give it a try and and add a very useful trick to your arsenal of Photoshop chops.

Disturbed Text Download

Disturbed Text.jpg


sir your post are awesome.
sir can you tell me site from where i can get moOoore goOod and best tutorials i want to learn more about After effect thanks.!

[DR – I’ll be trying to do a recap entry on the ‘best of’ tutorials by other people as well. Thanks for the comments.]

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