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It’s out, it’s official – let’s talk

You might be saying, “Okay, finally!” and I would be agreeing with you. We’re all extremely excited about yesterday’s launch and the impact we hope it has on the creative public. Every person and part of Adobe feels like a proud mother with her newest baby which in this case is ‘babies’ as in 13 new products.

Some thoughts and questions:

– The new logos. Gone are the feather of Photoshop which we only had for two versions. Gone are the x-ray type logos of the video products. Everything has a two letter periodic-like abbreviation or rune for a logo. Initially, I was skeptical, but I kind of like it now. What are your thoughts?
– Press coverage. There’s a ton of it and most of it seems very positive. Wade into the sea of HTML, PDFs and print magazines to find the information you’re looking for…
– Master Collection. I’d like to call this the ‘all-you-can-eat’ version. If you’re a single person creative that spans print, web and video, we’ve got the product for you. I’m concerned that some people will buy this and think they can split it up, with web on one computer, print for my buddy and I’m on the video suite on a third computer. Nope. Two activations on two computers which is your standard license agreement. If I were a customer, I might be upset until I think about the price – $2495 is pretty aggressive for all of that product.
– more public betas. It seems that we announced that we would put more of the products on the Adobe Labs site as public betas. Premiere Pro and After Effects will be up around the NAB time frame. Soundbooth and Photoshop are already there.
– the event/webcast. I was actually one of the few Adobe employees that was allowed to be there and despite the technical glitch, it was a terrific event and a lot of fun for our customers and Adobe. Gina, Greg and Bob were all terrific in highlighting some of what makes CS3 go. The location was in NYC was of course, very NYC chic – white warehouse, spartan design and of course the obligatory bars in all locations…Maybe it was that cosomopolitan with the dry ice in the bottom that woke me up early this morning…
– old friends and new. Of course, this event wouldn’t be much without some friends and I saw some old friends and made new. Everyone there was excited and having a blast.

Some of the features that I like best weren’t shown on yesterday’s webcast. Let me run down a couple of them:

In Photoshop – the 3D integration in the Extended version is in my opinion going to change how design for 3D is done. We’re now allowing you to import 3DS, DXF and U3D models among others right into Photoshop so you can apply textures to the models without having to open up your 3D modeling program.

I also saw Russell Brown (A separate post on him in the future!) showing off the Photoshop animation palette. The guy was basically animating like AE in Photoshop! It was crazy, but very cool.

In After Effects – The Shape Layers feature is very, very, VERY practical in my opinion. For the entry level person, this will be a great tool for creating motion graphics designs and elements. Simple, easy, fast. That’s what all level of users need.

Brainstorm – Another innovative way to overcome ‘creatives block’. Select some parameters and let Brainstorm present you some variations on them for you. Very intuitive and visual.

In Encore – Take the same interactivity and output it as a SWF. Interactive web with video from a DVD authoring application…sweet. I also think Mac users who don’t need the scripting of DVD Studio Pro are going to find Encore on the Mac very appealing because of the Photoshop integration which is second to none.

In Premiere Pro – It’s back to the Mac. Let me say it again. It’s back on the Mac! We’re all thrilled to have it back and show Mac people what we can do with Dynamic Link, Clip Notes, color correction, etc…These are old features for PC people, but really new to the Mac community.

The time remapping you saw which is terrific, but I also like a couple of the simple things like flex bins which are allowing users to have multiple folders of media open in Premiere Pro at the same time. Also, the replace clip command which retains keyframes and effects but replaces the actual media.

Rather than go on and on, let me point you to the Adobe website and check out the individual product pages which have all been updated to reflect new versions with flash movies, pdfs, and resources to get you equipped. It all makes for a great Wednesday.


Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium


in the US: ยง1799
in Germany: $2933

Upgrade from:

in the US: $440
in Germany: $1080

I hope the marketing people (or whoever) will find some sympathetic solution for people like me, who want to upgrade everything, but…
I bought Ps,Id,Il, etc. separately rather than as a suite. There seems at the moment no upgrade path for people like me.
When Apple upgraded its Final Cut suite, it offered very attractive packages; I hope Adobe will do something similar.


[DR – there are a lot of upgrade options you can find some of the details at https://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/
As I said in another comment, the ‘downside’ of having so many interesting products is that there are so many possible combinations for upgrades.

The industry is heading towards suites and the jump from a point product or two to a suite at first can seem daunting and expensive, but our hope is that the integration and value make that decision easier and more profitable for you in the long run.

As for value, we’ve included Flash CS3, Photoshop Extended, OnLocation, Ultra and Soundbooth in the box without changing the price. That may not mean something to everyone, but hopefully it is compelling to a lot of our loyal customers. Thanks for your input.]

I am very excited about the CS3 release. In fact, I have been holding up on upgrading the laptop I work on until this came out. (mainly because of the intel chip) I have CS and unfortunately will have to go thru an upgrade process before I can purchase CS3. (Doing the upgrade process to CS2.3 then CS3 is actually cheaper, go figure)

What I did see of the new features for Illustrator and InDesign look extremely awesome. I cannot wait to play with the new features. I will have to look for the archived broadcast because I couldn’t see half of it, then had to leave before it got going again.
Thank you again for your blog, the bits and pieces of information I get here are extremely helpful.

[DR – Thanks for the kind words.]

July is still a long time to wait for the Production Studio. Sigh… Excited about the AE beta though!

[DR – I feel the same way. At least I can start showing it to people which for me is a terrific thing.

I like the look of the CS3 boxes, though I’m not sure that the two letter icons will work for me. I use everything in the Master Suite–that’s a lot of letters to remember–and probably not as recognizable as a feater or a flower…

[DR – agreed, but the icons will take on their own identity over time.]

Do you know if Ultra CS3 is merely a repacked version of Ultra 2, or has it been enhanced/upgraded in someway?

[DR – Integration of products happens over time. CS3 is the first release of where Dreamweaver and Flash are integrating with products like Photoshop and InDesign, so it takes time. Ultra will likely be localized for more countries than just North America and branded with Adobe. Fear not though, the team at Serious is hard at work on some cool new stuff…]

Hmmm. Some of these changes are pretty exciting…. especially in photoshop. The new stuff in Dreamweaver doesn’t seem like to much to be excited over imho…

[DR – Well, web design is not my forte, but the reaction for being able to import PSD and AI files without having to convert was pretty well received yesterday, but hey, diversity of opinion is cool.]

The icons suck. Sorry. They just do. And you can do better. John Nack posted something about this on his blog, and in truth, most of the design community feels the same way according to the comments.

[DR – Like I said, I was skeptical too. I warmed up to them, but can totally understand if you don’t. ;-)]

I own productions studio premium and studio 8. It will cost me $1400 to upgrade…. am I excited about this? I would be if I really thought the new feature sets were worth it… but If I have to be honest.. I don’t. Will I upgrade. Most likely. And this is why: I went to upgrade Photoshop 7 to Production Studio Premium last year. You know what they made me do. They made me upgrade first to CS1 before they would let me upgrade to Production Studio. That sucked. It ain’t right, but that’s life I guess. So If I don’t want to get bit by that again, I have little choice…

[DR – Well once you get to a suite as you did, the upgrade paths are much more simple. I agree that there is no one solution fits all scenarios. It’s the unfortunate reality of having so many tools and a growing diversity of workflows and design outputs… Another note, that if you upgrade to Production Premium, you’ll be getting Ultra, OnLocation (formerly DV Rack), Photoshop Extended, Flash) all for the same price. So, while any upgrade can be considered a bitter pill, the value that Adobe is hopefully presenting to you helps soften the blow.
The product integration is exciting, but leaving the consistent interface changes out in Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver lessened the impact of this being the true “revolutionary change” that Adobe claims cs3 is. But you are getting there. I think the next versions might to it.]

Not trying to be negative, or rain on your dance, just a customer that relies on your products and would like to see more.

[As would I! It’s all good and thanks for your input. Dennis]

Hey, Dennis,

I agree with you.

About the logos/icons, I was too kind of skeptical at the beginning, but once you get to see them all lined up on your taskbar it changes the whole figure.

[DR – good point. You can see some others are kind of down on it and I understand that point of view. But, once you load them up in your dock or quicklaunch bar, it’s pretty cool and may change some people’s minds.]

Its way more ergonomic, they have just put aside the complicated icons, which kinda took a while to memorize.

The new icons now display some WONDERFUL type. They are really pleasant.

And who doesn’t feel like wanting to fill the entire periodic table? LOL.

About the master collection, its somehow akward, IMHO, Adobe should make that License agreement permit to activate the software up to three machines. I don’t know, since its designed to reach three different areas. But that’s just me speaking.

I would possibly give a finger or two to be at that launch. Lol. Too bad NYC is at 12-hours-flight away.

[DR – ouch! watch the archived broadcast. Should be up today.]

About the new features,
the Photoshop Extended and Acrobat 3D just blew my mind.

Adobe has made so easy to edit and work with 3d models.

I can somehow imagine the sort of revolution that it will make in the design/ad business.

What about product labelling!? Gosh..


now on topic –
package design is shocking. i can’t get what your creative team is smoking- one day you have minimalistic flat icons, another- every-color screaming boxes for same stuff..

and i don’t like neither- boxes doesn’t look profesional, icons are too similar and noninspiring.. i’ll replace them with cs2 icons once/if upgraded..

as for products i’d say- some things are nice, but some awful too..

generally seems like design/publishing products improved quite a lot- i like new photoshop, illustrator, indesign.. really- there’s what’s worth upgrading asap..

internet media related products- formelly all from macromedia – mixed bag.. ok, you spent quite a lot of time integrating, but new features in flash are just a small step further. nothing revolutionary, interface update just up to common panel management for cs3. no timebased timeline, no hardware acceleration, nothing really to get excited. ok- new interface and better workflow is nice. but thats all for flash.

dreamweaver and fireworks- seems like still developed by somewere left few hidden macromedians. interface old, improvements very modest compared to photoshop or illustrator progress in the same time..

dynamic media- new aftereffects cs3, premiere is a failure imo. i can’t see why i should upgrade except for universal binary. aftereffects new features are candies for quick jobs – but apple motion is still better for that. while serious improvements needed for real compositing workflow- nodes, selective mask edge feathering, etc – aren’t even considered..

seems like adobe is continuing tradition to improve video product by acquiring some technology and bundling. this was with cycore plugs, foundry kronos, now – serious magic..

[DR – in some places we’ll have to agree to disagree.]

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