Upcoming events: Boston 5/1, NYC 5/3

Okay, okay, I know – I should post information about events I’m a part of before this, but let’s face it, I’m still getting up to speed on this whole blogging thing.

5/1 – Adobe/Matrox event at reseller 1Beyond. Check out link for more information

5/3 – Adobe event at TekServe in downtown Manhattan. Event is at 6PM and if you’re a New Yorker, you know where TekServe is (23rd street)

Moving forward, I’ll try to be more transparent about my whereabouts if it’s something worthwhile.

Random note – I’ll be trying to move my blog entries and administration to Contribute CS3 shortly. Hopefully, this will mean cleaner administration, better entries and better tracking. Right now, I’m doing it using the web interface of Moveable Type. Stay tuned

Design basics: A current style to imitate

Want to build the simple, elegant look of reflected images in Photoshop…read on…

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Aharon’s got some great stuff

As you can imagine, I hit tradeshows fairly often (yes, sarcasm) and many times I get customers that come up to me asking, “How do I get started with After Effects?” or “What kind of training materials are there for After Effects?”

If this is you, then you’ll want to read on and remember one key word – FREE!

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Wacom: Got Good Gear?

I remember the days when the video arcade was the place to be in my town and despite all of the cool 4 and 8 bit color games we played, perhaps the most memorable is PacMan. It was (is) a cool game and part of the allure of PacMan was the sounds it used. As PacMan ate his pellets, he would make this sound – wacca wacca wacca. Remember?

How can I steer this post back to reality? I’m not sure, but how about, “Wacom, Wacom, Wacom?”

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Introduction to 3D in After Effects

Okay, I’ve been out of touch (or out of my mind from NAB) and so I apologize for not getting back on track earlier. Anyway, in an earlier post, I talked about working on some tutorials for you to download and chew on. Well, on the plane ride today, I was able to finish this one up.

This tutorial is my humble attempt to give you an introduction to After Effects and its 3D capabilities using just a simple Photoshop file. If you want to expand your repertoire in After Effects, this is one way to do it. It’s a simple concept that you can build upon and hopefully build up a comfort level with an aspect of After Effects that can seem daunting at first look.

The basic idea of this tutorial is to build up a simple landscape scene and then move your camera through it. I threw in some flying geese(so homely you have to look at them!) and you’re done.

The download is a little big (~8MB) but hopefully you’ll find it worth it.

Basic 3D Composition

I also saw that Dean Velez posted one (a lot more in depth) at the Anvel.

Let me know what you think!


Categories – Tutorials and NAB wrap up

Just scrolling through some of the latest posts and realized that all of the tutorials on the blog have fallen off, so you know what that means – time for another post!

To reiterate, the focus (or at least some of it) is to help provide some tutorials to help, encourage and (most doubtfully) inspire some of you to take the next steps with some Adobe creative products. If you check out the links on the right, you’ll notice a category for tutorials. If you’re knew to Adobe blogging, then you’re probably visiting my blog for the first time.

NAB is done for me and I had a nice easy day by just working the booth. Day 4 was easier and lighter, but I still bumped into a ton of customers, friends and other vendors. I did After Effects and had some fun talking to others. We showed Vanishing point, multiprocessing, shape layers, puppet tool, etc. etc…

It was a fantastic show and tomorrow it continues in a sense with your truly working at Broadcast Education Association (also at NAB/Vegas) tomorrow.

NAB days 2, 3 & 4

Sometimes the best of intentions can get way laid and such was the case with my desire to post something substantial each and every day of the show. In case you’ve never been to NAB, let me say that regardless of whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee, staying in Vegas tends to lead to staying up late and getting up early. My schedule has been pretty much get up at 5AM, get ready, work until the show ends, go to some vendor function and then get dinner and socialize. For an early bed kind of guy like myself, this is difficult!

Adobe has had some terrific meetings of substance with many major media companies. We spoke to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HBO, Showtime, Disney and the list goes on. As I mentioned in my previous post, there was a tremendous amount of interest in the Adobe Media Player. Additionally, there continues to be a seemingly huge demand for our traditional tools like Production Premium CS3. These same companies have a variety of workflows, on a variety of platforms and have a variety of needs. They like that we’ve got a bundle that is complete, integrated, open and can deliver content to any medium. Are you an Avid shop? Terrific! Oh, you use Final Cut? That’s fine, Production Premium CS3 works with those tools.

Here’s something that I hadn’t thought about before that puts the above into perspective? What’s the most used piece of software in video production? Answer – Photoshop.

Random notes – today, I’ve got no meetings and am having a ‘break’ by hanging out at a pod at the Adobe booth. If you’re visiting the show today, stop by and say hello.

NAB Day 1

All right, here’s the quick summary on NAB Day 1 from a super narrow perspective – namely mine. That’s not because I’m only talking about Adobe, it’s that I was in meetings most of the day.

What’s big? Adobe Media Player. The aforementioned meetings were with some big media companies looking for ways to distribute their media to consumers that is an engaging, rich experience. Oh, and one that’s profitable too. You were kind of expecting that though weren’t you? One of the cool takeaways for me was how interested independent videographers were in this technology as well. In our evening party, I chatted with some friends from the 4Ever group and they were very pumped on what the Adobe Media Player could mean to them.

The tools as you know, are on the Mac and public beta. This still hasn’t prepared us for how well received the new releases are. All of the people I talked to were very enthused about the new capabilities and in the case of Mac people, very pleased that Adobe took the time to address their platform in full…

Let me point you to all the press releases for Adobe and you can pick what you might be into.

Apple showed off Final Cut Studio 2 and their Proximity product now called Final Cut Server. Avid was at the front of the hall and talking up Interplay and showed off Liquid working with an AJA card. The Red camera had big lines all day, but will it end up being the Trinity of this year? I personally don’t think so.

As you might imagine, many repeat offenders (people who come to NAB every year) bump into old friends. It’s great to see friends again, regardless of where they worked and so I bumped into friends from Apple, Avid, Microsoft, etc.

The party tonight was great. Johnny L kicked us off but we had the comedic high jinx of Mark Randall and Karl Miller to entertain us as they talked about Adobe Media Player. Then we had a couple of customers come and talk up their work – both in Film in this case. The Orphanage and The Basement, the latter having worked on ‘Marty’ Scorcese films and the Orphanage did Superman Returns. When I see these guys work, I realize why I sell software instead of make a living using it. They’re awesome and you should check out their work.

Now it’s almost 11PM and I have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Day 1 was your typically packed day bookended by last minute set ups and late night parties. Day 2 will be shorter but just as packed.

Below is a link to see a few pictures. I’d put up more but it looks like my CF card is corrupt. It’s a problem and now at 11PM it’s ticking me off. Patience Dennis…go to bed.

a few pix in a pdf

Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 on Adobe Labs website

Shout it from the rooftops (even if John Nack beat us to it)!

If you’re an existing Premiere Pro or After Effects user and are itching to try the latest and greatest, we’ve heard you.

As of this morning, we have published full trial versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 for both MacTel and PC.

Check out the Time Remapping feature in Premiere Pro – giving you awesome control on slomos with an intuitive interface. Flexbins is so simple and low key, you’ll almost miss it – until you go back to Premiere Pro 2.

After Effects we discussed before so remember: Shape Layers, Brainstorm, Puppet Tool, Vanishing Point Exchange.

I tell you what I am most psyched about today: Our ability to output your projects to DVD, tape, FLASH, mobile devices and ipods. Lets face it: we live in a media saturated world and we want our media any time, anywhere and on any device. Welcome to the 21st century.

Download it, play with it, beat on it and tell us what you think – we’re here for you.

NAB 2007 – a post before the madness begins

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is so big, so broad, so diverse, so international, that it’s like taking a visit to Disneyworld – you can’t do it all in one visit. So for me to try and post something here and cover even a fraction is too ambitious.

What I will try and do is over the next few days try to give you some idea of what’s going on at least from the Adobe side of the house and what I may see in the few nanoseconds that I’m not in a meeting.

At a minimum, I think this will be an intriguing year for NAB. Adobe is going back to the Mac with all of its video applications, so that’s a big deal in and of itself. For me – it’s not about Premiere Pro, though I’m excited for Mac users everywhere to get Dynamic Link, Clip Notes and more on the Mac. Rather, it’s about being able to offer a solid suite of tools for the video professional regardless of whether they’re using Final Cut, Avid or Adobe. Perhaps that sounds coy, but I’m serious. I think we’ve got the best suite of tools that are integrated and that will work great with whatever NLE tool you choose to use. Do I want Premiere Pro to be used – absolutely, but I also believe that users want to get work done and learning a new NLE takes time. So – you need Photoshop Extended and After Effects, and probably a couple other of the products in the suite, you pick up Production Premium and they will use it with Avid or Final Cut. I’m okay with that.

All right, get back on track or I’ll have to name this post, ‘Musings on going back to the Mac.’

We’ll have some announcements (just like everybody else), so Monday ought to be full of NAB news. Check out and for all the latest. I’ll try to post something as well.

As kind of a closing nugget let me give you a vague sense of what NAB is like if you’ve never been to one.

– It’s over 100,000 people from all over the world and takes up three separate but connected convention spaces (North, Central and South halls each with two floors). I would guess that there is well over a million square feet of exhibit booth space and it is so big that industries are put together to make it more manageable.

– It’s JAMMED with people for three days and then lightens up considerably on Thursday. The Adobe booth is usually wall to wall people for three days solid. Honestly, that’s the most fun when it is crazy busy, because you’re talking to people that love creating content and want to know more about your products. It could be even crazier this year since we just announced CS3 and lots of people will be seeing Photoshop Extended for the first time.

– Las Vegas is also generally pretty packed. It’s one of Vegas’ largest shows of the year and so all the restaurants are hard to get into and the shows get sold out. (But I got tickets to see ‘O’ this year)

Anyway, I’m optimistic that this will be a great NAB not only for Adobe but for the business. New tools, new trends, new hardware and a world that is thirsty for content makes this NAB one to remember.

Welcome to sleepless days and nights…

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