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ABC Logo treatment in After Effects

ABC’s logo treatment over the last couple of years have been all about some strokes zippin’ around the ABC corporate logo. I’ve got to say that I really like it and certainly hope that it was done with After Effects. They’ve recently moved away from Quantel Paint Box to a Photoshop/After Effects workflow, so it’s certainly possible.

More to the point, the strokes themselves reminded me of an AE stroke tip that Dean Velez taught me when he was with the Anvel. With Dean’s permission, I’ve included his PDF lesson on creating a dynamic stroke within AE using TEXT. Wrap it up with a imitation RBC logo and an After Effects Project.

Check it out: RBC Logo Treatment

Dean’s website: http://www.theanvel.com/

RBC Logo.jpg


I want to learn After effect profnly, can u tell me about some books for basic & advance about After effect………. plz its urgent

[DR – okay.

Free – just simply type “After Effects Tutorials” on google and you will be blown away at how much good training there is for free. In particular I would recommend

Creative Cow’s AE podcasts by Aharon Rabinowitz
Dean Velez’s Motion Graphics Lab website
Andrew Kramer’s Videocopilot.net website
Ayato @ Ayatoweb.com website

Books – it depends on what you want to do because AE is quite versatile. I am scanning CS3 Studio Techniques by Mark Christiansen and its quite good, though its focused on the visual FX side more than motion graphics. Bottom line – it depends on what you want to do…

VIdeo – Online it is Lynda.com and for complete AE knowledge in encyclopedic form it would have to be TotalTraining.com

This should give you a good start.

PS – To really do the ABC look well, get Trapcodes’ 3D Stroke plugin…]

Not bad however it might be easier to follow if you made the presentation in Flash rather than PDF.

Something more in line with the SoundFX presentation. Easier to follow when you actually see it happening.

[DR – True and perhaps I might. Honestly, this was my very first tutorial on my blog and in just 6-7 months, what I do is very different. What I’ve taken to doing is recording myself in Flash and posting it. Perhaps I’ll give it a revamp in the new year. Thanks for your comment.]

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