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Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 on Adobe Labs website

Shout it from the rooftops (even if John Nack beat us to it)!

If you’re an existing Premiere Pro or After Effects user and are itching to try the latest and greatest, we’ve heard you.

As of this morning, we have published full trial versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects CS3 for both MacTel and PC.

Check out the Time Remapping feature in Premiere Pro – giving you awesome control on slomos with an intuitive interface. Flexbins is so simple and low key, you’ll almost miss it – until you go back to Premiere Pro 2.

After Effects we discussed before so remember: Shape Layers, Brainstorm, Puppet Tool, Vanishing Point Exchange.

I tell you what I am most psyched about today: Our ability to output your projects to DVD, tape, FLASH, mobile devices and ipods. Lets face it: we live in a media saturated world and we want our media any time, anywhere and on any device. Welcome to the 21st century.

Download it, play with it, beat on it and tell us what you think – we’re here for you.



hey- thanks for reply. i’ve been already thinking that my comment was filtered down as not enough sweet-voiced :s

i’m sorry for probably being too harsh but i really appreciate that it initiated the discussion. i’d have some comments to your reply:

basically what i was trying to communicate is that while i found design cs3 applications really quite an improvement, your video division is rather crawling for years imho.

it’s not about aftereffects or premiere killers from another company – i find it’s great that you’re getting back to macosx after lost battle with old premiere. i really think it’s a matter of time until mac version of ultra and onlocation. this is great for industry as it’ll push everybody to create even better things.

however- my analogy that you should see how much improved apple fcs2 products compared to your own versions – wasn’t about that aftereffects8 is weaker product that motion3 or premiere pro isn’t capable of something that it’s only solved by using final cut pro.

see the point: apple in two year managed to improve motion that much as in adobe’ terms would be almost aftereffects v4>v7 upgrade. yup- they’ve added tracker, 3d, etc you’ve already had. their concepts on behaviors, gpu, 3d particles are pushing adobe to chase and implement something analogous. that’s ok, but look: AEcs3 biggest new features are candies like shape layers, puppet tool and brainstorm which looks directly inspired from motion and has been for quite a time. clip notes, 3d support for text, layerstyles from photoshop are nice, bet really small improvements in two years in my opinion. premiere cs3 biggest thing is crossplatform version parity. anything else for the evolution of dcc?? to me it looks like marketing – bundling suites, preparing clever upgrade plans is what forces/tries to catch me to upgrade. but i’d like to be driven by innovation and new ideas which burns my mind to get the new product asap. guess- how much i’m waiting for motion3 to get all the improvements to my workflow and how bad i need aftereffects cs3 (actually it’s only because it’s universal binary finally 🙂

so- i’m not saying that product integration is a wrong way to go (it’s a necessity. and i find that apple also greatly integrates workflow but they’re marketing this as a premium for convenience, while i find adobe every new upgrade adverts “better integration” as one of the greatest NEW features).

acquired technology are also good thing – more or less everything started this way (heck- final cut pro, dvd studio pro, etc also was acquisitions 😉 but- what apple does: dvd studio was rebuilt from core similar to what you’ve done to premiere make it ‘pro’. apple shake, color – will also be ‘apple-fied’ in a year or few. they aren’t acquiring and employing. while the old product is still marketed, everything is being absorbed into new product or solutions. adobe’s way of acquisition as history shows (what i was relating to atomic power, cycore, serious magic) – is mostly just bundle.

wouldn’t it be great that aftereffects actually IMPROVED these things that are available in ae for years such as- working in 3d is a pain, nesting and precomping suffer, selective mask feathering which is requested since mid 90′, nodes (flowchart is a joke) – where are they finally?? what adobe is doing to IMPROVE the general limitations of the product and it’s historic legacy?
it’s so stupid to play all these precomping trick to control processing flow (can i set to have transforms>effects>masks or mask>transforms>effects processed in such order for layers??).
sadly i believe i still wouldn’t get any in next version too..

because in my eyes- apple is listening to requests and even innovates in parallel, while adobe- “innovates” at most (i don’t get the point why clip notes are sooo big, but maybe it’s my working process. dynamic link is what apple managed to invent using motions’ engine as quicktime plugin so there was “dynamic link” from motion2 to aftereffects7 back to years ago). anyway- what’s innovative in cs3? universal binary? clipnotes and dynamic link was already in previous versions. spectral editing is cooledit heritage also from years back..

i’m not saying adobe never innovated. design products are still doing this great enough, but what’s happening for video teams? 🙁

I have used premiere pro for the first last year and is an excellent video editing tool. Now I’m after the PREMIERE AFTER EFFETS CS3.

[DR – I’m blushing! 😉 Thanks for your support and be sure to check out some of the resources on new features at our website and some of my beginner level tutorials on this blog…]

about licencing: when buying the mac version of cs3 production premium, you loose the oportunity to use cs3 ultra (windows only). Will it be possible to install the cs3 ultra on on a windows install (with the same license)? Or any chance that ultra become available for mac?

[DR – Yes, this is true. Ultra CS3 as it stands today is a Windows only product and is not included with the Mac version of the product. I honestly don’t know why we included OnLocation CS3 and not Ultra, though I imagine that it’s the idea that you don’t want to use a post product and have to switch back and forth between Windows and Mac.

I hope that the big takeaway for Adobe is that we’ll take the time to port Ultra to the Mac in the same way that we brought Premiere Pro to the Mac.

Final note on that subject – most products have an email alias such as Premierewishlist@[remove]adobe.com. We use the emails we receive to help tabulate customer demand for new features. Try ultrawishlist or variations and see if you get through and say you want it on a Mac. I sure do.]

[DR – as any good blogger, I try to balance the fine line between putting up posts that further a conversation versus vitriolic tripe. I also feel a sense of obligation in the sense that if the post is honest, I should try and post it. However, there are posts that are just trying to get a rise out of somebody and it is usually there that I draw the line. The below is probably an example of the latter that I will still respond to.]

thanks adobe for a try! i’ll have a nice time playin until final cut studio v2 comes out in may and hopefully the last video thing from adobe – aftereffects will become obsolete.

[DR – Thanks for your input and I hope that you will give a real look at After Effects. People have been declaring a new After Effects killer for many years and I guess we’ll take that as a sincere form of flattery.]

it’s sad that while you’re still chasing apple’s previous versions and features – they manage doing twice more in the same time. compare- how much improved motion3, soundtrack, etc.

[DR – Ahh, now here’s where I was incredulous on my first read. I think you need to be fair to the software world in general and let me put it this way: All competing products have good features, something that they do well. You categorically dismiss Adobe innovation altogether and put Apple on a pedestal. Of course that’s your opinion, but you should back up your statements with fact. Let me do so now.

– Apples motion stabilization feature is something we’ve had in After Effects since the mid-90’s, an eternity when it comes to software development.
– 3D cameras in motion? After Effects has done that since…oh yeah, yawn the mid-90’s. This one is notable as Apple following Adobe. It’s the same thing as when Motion 2 added [wait for it] GASP…motion blur!
– Mixing multiple codecs on the FCP timeline? Premiere Pro already had it as did many others
– Frequency space audio editing? Audition pioneered it and Soundbooth continues that tradition

I could go on, but I hope I’ve made my point. All companies innovate and I don’t mind anyone being passionate about a particular company but at least be factual when posting.]

adobe, you’re resting on laurels – all these “integration” benefits are nice, but can you still create something new and fresh in video? or you’ll still be abusing acquire+bundle strategy for the future? cycore, serious magic, curious (somehow their superb technology got lost??), foundry kronos – all the same story.. AEcs3 new features looks like candies from apple’ motion envy :s

[DR – acquire and bundle strategy for the future? Hmm. Could you be referring to Apple buying Proximity which you now know as Final Cut Server? Could you be referring to Shake? Could it be Color that you’re talking about? All of these are top features or products being promoted by Apple and you and yet is it possible you fail to realize that all of these were acquired technologies?

And since you’re dismissing integration as paltry in your workflow, I suppose you won’t be using Soundtrack and Motion’s ‘deep integration’ with FCP that they talk about on their website?

Do we still create something fresh in video? Do we innovate? I think that Clip Notes (a client review tool in Premiere Pro and now After Effects) is a prime example of a new way to do things. Spectral editing is another. Dynamic Link between After Effects and Premiere Pro/Encore is a huge benefit that was a completely new way of working. Again, I could go on, but hope I’ve made my point]

..although i’m not saying anything against design cs3 products- they’re doing pretty good job! thanks.

[DR – I’ll almost call that a compliment.

I am happy to have honest discussions on topics that are important to our industry but again, please be rational, fair, and if possible, objective. Back up your comments with fact or reasoning – not blind, categorical statements that don’t map with reality.]

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