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After Effects CS3: More memory and multiprocessing!

MORE MEMORY AND MULTIPROCESSING – YEAH! For the everyday After Effects user, you can never have too much memory. With Windows XP and After Effects 7, we have a limitation of 3GB of total memory. Pretty much the same with the Mac. Now both desktop platforms are embracing more CPU cores so the demand for memory to feed that processing power is even greater. Enter After Effects CS3. With the latest version, After Effects supports 3.5GB of memory per processor core. Plus, we’ve taken a crack at better processing efficiency. In After Effects CS3 you will see a new preference entitled, multiprocessing. If you have a multi-core system, you’ll be able to get multiple frames rendered at once. Plus, the engineers tell me there that we’re ready for quad and eight core CPU’s as they come out. All this comes at a terrific time as we see more and more people working in HD which has so much more information (data) per frame than SD.


Random notes – working on some beginner tutorials, that I hope you’ll like. Specifically working on a simple timeline that shows you how to take your PSD layers and space them out in 3d space and animate a camera through it.

www.secondlife.com – I haven’t tried it but the thing that freaks me out is the amount of real money being spent there – crazy!


i add 1 more GB to my computer
but my Afterefects CS3 dont recognize it.
where should i set it?

[DR – You should probably go to one or more of the After Effects forums on the web including Adobe’s. However…

If you’re using a 32-bit OS like XP then the only thing you can do is look up the “3GB switch in After Effects” and memory management in general.

The best recommendation I can make is switch to 64-bit OS like VIsta64, Win7 64 or Snow Leopard.]

I have the Mac with 8 cores and 10GB of ram. After activating the multiprocesing my HD renders were cut in a bit less than half the time, amazing!

The problem now is that when rendering AE gives an error and saves a file as a back up, but that file does not contain any information. I have to force quit AE all the time and save the project before rendering now. I have got 3 freezes in one day.


[DR – First off, are you talking about CS3 or 4? Best thing to do is look up the FAQs

Here’s one: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/9.0/WSDD65B476-971A-48e9-A5FD-D90E9A2B996E.html

You might also try cleaning up the cache:

At first glance, those would be some suggestions.]

My issue is that I have 14 GB of ram, yet under Memory and Cache> I have Maximum Ram Cache Size set to 75% which = 2.2 GB of memory. Where is the rest? Does this have to do with the number of memory allowed for each processor?

I am using an 8 core Mac Pro G5 with leopard and it hangs when I ram-preview HD footage. I have a 4 processor power PC mac which has problems with over heating and strangely it preforms better in After Effect.

In Maya the 8 core cooks. Love it for 3D, would love to get the same noticeable performance in AE.

[DR – You might try a couple of the following links to see if it helps you. Basically, CS4 has a much better usage of multiprocessing and memory management (under 64bit OS’s)

Memory and Cache:


Hope this helps.]

I just added 2 G of ram today to bring my total up to 5 gig. I have a dual 2.3 G5. When I added the memory and started up AF CS3, it still says that I have 3G of ram in the title splash… What the f? How do I make it see that I have 5 G?


[DR – you might take a look at the following link:

if you have a multi-core system, you can experiment with the render multiple frames setting.

I just added 2 G of ram today to bring my total up to 5 gig. I have a dual 2.3 G5. When I added the memory and started up AF CS3, it still says that I have 3G of ram in the title splash… How do I make it see that I have 5 G?


[DR – Chances are you’re using Windows XP 32 which has a limitation of 4GB total access. With this, AE can address a maximum of 3GB of memory.

Additionally, I’ve approached the AE team a couple of times on the nuances of memory addressing between OS’s and applications and I usually end up more confused then when I started. Hopefully, this will improve as we move more towards 64bit OS’s]

Sounds fantastic in theory, but in reality i’m seeing absolutely no speed increase. Am using a dual quad core on windows xp x64 with 4GB of ram. Not sure what i’m doing wrong to be honest!

[DR – make sure you have multiprocessing turned on in After Effects and if possible, stick even more RAM in the machine since a 64bit capable version of XP will allow you to address over 3gb per processor core.]

I have a quadcore and enabling this option does the difference… if you have enough ram to allow to. Adobe talks about 400 mb per processor, but i guess i’v read somehere something like 1 or 2go by used processor for real performances… (and effectivly while i render, my system use around 7go of ram)

I have an 8 processor Mac with this option enabled…and I see a tiny increase (if that) in speed…I think this is a [comment removed] option that looks good in a screenshot.

[DR – With respect, it might be some of your settings. The screenshots don’t lie – we do have solid multiprocessing and I look forward to hopefully testing it on my own 8 core system before years end…Check out the FAQs on the website and let me know how you make out. Also don’t forget to check out Nucleo Pro 2.0 from Grid Iron Software.]

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