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Introduction to 3D in After Effects

Okay, I’ve been out of touch (or out of my mind from NAB) and so I apologize for not getting back on track earlier. Anyway, in an earlier post, I talked about working on some tutorials for you to download and chew on. Well, on the plane ride today, I was able to finish this one up.

This tutorial is my humble attempt to give you an introduction to After Effects and its 3D capabilities using just a simple Photoshop file. If you want to expand your repertoire in After Effects, this is one way to do it. It’s a simple concept that you can build upon and hopefully build up a comfort level with an aspect of After Effects that can seem daunting at first look.

The basic idea of this tutorial is to build up a simple landscape scene and then move your camera through it. I threw in some flying geese(so homely you have to look at them!) and you’re done.

The download is a little big (~8MB) but hopefully you’ll find it worth it.

Basic 3D Composition

I also saw that Dean Velez posted one (a lot more in depth) at the Anvel.

Let me know what you think!



Fantastic! I’ve done couple of ‘move through a landscape’ animations before – but that was just altering the scale or moving each layers’ Z axis. That approach works – but makes getting the timing of everything very fiddly so it can be convincing. I thought there would be something like this in After Effects – and I’m glad there is! Thanks again.

[DR – thanks. Glad you liked the tutorial.]

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