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Design basics: A current style to imitate

Want to build the simple, elegant look of reflected images in Photoshop…read on…

The style of design from my vantage point has been about restraint and simple looks. Less is more in 2006 and 2007. Witness Apple’s interface and ads over the last several years: the use of a simple gradient and reflection has been one of the lasting designs of the past couple of years.

This look is so easy that I don’t even feel the need to create a PDF of the document. Attached is a sample file with text and I’ll only mention one tip to help you flip your ‘reflected’ layer. Namely, you use the Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical command.

1. Create a gradient layer (I used gray on white)
2. Create and stylize your text layer
3. Duplicate your text layer (ctrl-J)
4. Flip the vertical on the second layer
5. Change the blend mode to Overlay and lower the opacity

Download file

Gradient Look.jpg

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