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NAB 2007 – a post before the madness begins

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is so big, so broad, so diverse, so international, that it’s like taking a visit to Disneyworld – you can’t do it all in one visit. So for me to try and post something here and cover even a fraction is too ambitious.

What I will try and do is over the next few days try to give you some idea of what’s going on at least from the Adobe side of the house and what I may see in the few nanoseconds that I’m not in a meeting.

At a minimum, I think this will be an intriguing year for NAB. Adobe is going back to the Mac with all of its video applications, so that’s a big deal in and of itself. For me – it’s not about Premiere Pro, though I’m excited for Mac users everywhere to get Dynamic Link, Clip Notes and more on the Mac. Rather, it’s about being able to offer a solid suite of tools for the video professional regardless of whether they’re using Final Cut, Avid or Adobe. Perhaps that sounds coy, but I’m serious. I think we’ve got the best suite of tools that are integrated and that will work great with whatever NLE tool you choose to use. Do I want Premiere Pro to be used – absolutely, but I also believe that users want to get work done and learning a new NLE takes time. So – you need Photoshop Extended and After Effects, and probably a couple other of the products in the suite, you pick up Production Premium and they will use it with Avid or Final Cut. I’m okay with that.

All right, get back on track or I’ll have to name this post, ‘Musings on going back to the Mac.’

We’ll have some announcements (just like everybody else), so Monday ought to be full of NAB news. Check out CreativeCow.net and DigitalMediaNet.com for all the latest. I’ll try to post something as well.

As kind of a closing nugget let me give you a vague sense of what NAB is like if you’ve never been to one.

– It’s over 100,000 people from all over the world and takes up three separate but connected convention spaces (North, Central and South halls each with two floors). I would guess that there is well over a million square feet of exhibit booth space and it is so big that industries are put together to make it more manageable.

– It’s JAMMED with people for three days and then lightens up considerably on Thursday. The Adobe booth is usually wall to wall people for three days solid. Honestly, that’s the most fun when it is crazy busy, because you’re talking to people that love creating content and want to know more about your products. It could be even crazier this year since we just announced CS3 and lots of people will be seeing Photoshop Extended for the first time.

– Las Vegas is also generally pretty packed. It’s one of Vegas’ largest shows of the year and so all the restaurants are hard to get into and the shows get sold out. (But I got tickets to see ‘O’ this year)

Anyway, I’m optimistic that this will be a great NAB not only for Adobe but for the business. New tools, new trends, new hardware and a world that is thirsty for content makes this NAB one to remember.

Welcome to sleepless days and nights…


We’re also posting news and fun updates about NAB experiences at Toolfarm.com all week… including photos. We’ll be putting 3-4 podcasts up this week, too, with interviews from the plug-in developers and artists, mainly After Effects users. We’ll be covering the show, evening parties, including the Media Motion Ball (IMUG) and the Final Cut SuperMeet. Please stop by Toolfarm.com this week and live vicariously, if you can’t make it to NAB yourself!

[DR – Thanks Michele!]

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