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NAB Day 1

All right, here’s the quick summary on NAB Day 1 from a super narrow perspective – namely mine. That’s not because I’m only talking about Adobe, it’s that I was in meetings most of the day.

What’s big? Adobe Media Player. The aforementioned meetings were with some big media companies looking for ways to distribute their media to consumers that is an engaging, rich experience. Oh, and one that’s profitable too. You were kind of expecting that though weren’t you? One of the cool takeaways for me was how interested independent videographers were in this technology as well. In our evening party, I chatted with some friends from the 4Ever group and they were very pumped on what the Adobe Media Player could mean to them.

The tools as you know, are on the Mac and public beta. This still hasn’t prepared us for how well received the new releases are. All of the people I talked to were very enthused about the new capabilities and in the case of Mac people, very pleased that Adobe took the time to address their platform in full…

Let me point you to all the press releases for Adobe and you can pick what you might be into.

Apple showed off Final Cut Studio 2 and their Proximity product now called Final Cut Server. Avid was at the front of the hall and talking up Interplay and showed off Liquid working with an AJA card. The Red camera had big lines all day, but will it end up being the Trinity of this year? I personally don’t think so.

As you might imagine, many repeat offenders (people who come to NAB every year) bump into old friends. It’s great to see friends again, regardless of where they worked and so I bumped into friends from Apple, Avid, Microsoft, etc.

The party tonight was great. Johnny L kicked us off but we had the comedic high jinx of Mark Randall and Karl Miller to entertain us as they talked about Adobe Media Player. Then we had a couple of customers come and talk up their work – both in Film in this case. The Orphanage and The Basement, the latter having worked on ‘Marty’ Scorcese films and the Orphanage did Superman Returns. When I see these guys work, I realize why I sell software instead of make a living using it. They’re awesome and you should check out their work.

Now it’s almost 11PM and I have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. Day 1 was your typically packed day bookended by last minute set ups and late night parties. Day 2 will be shorter but just as packed.

Below is a link to see a few pictures. I’d put up more but it looks like my CF card is corrupt. It’s a problem and now at 11PM it’s ticking me off. Patience Dennis…go to bed.

a few pix in a pdf

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