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Upcoming events: Boston 5/1, NYC 5/3

Okay, okay, I know – I should post information about events I’m a part of before this, but let’s face it, I’m still getting up to speed on this whole blogging thing.

5/1 – Adobe/Matrox event at reseller 1Beyond. Check out link for more information

5/3 – Adobe event at TekServe in downtown Manhattan. Event is at 6PM and if you’re a New Yorker, you know where TekServe is (23rd street)

Moving forward, I’ll try to be more transparent about my whereabouts if it’s something worthwhile.

Random note – I’ll be trying to move my blog entries and administration to Contribute CS3 shortly. Hopefully, this will mean cleaner administration, better entries and better tracking. Right now, I’m doing it using the web interface of Moveable Type. Stay tuned



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