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And then there were three?

In keeping with the tradition to try and make humorous connections to all things Genesis, the title of the above is a quote back to an old album from the progressive rock powerhouse called Genesis (aka Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks)

The question is this – has Harris/Leitch/DPS decided to quit the NLE market?

And then there were three now takes on more meaning in that the three you’ve come to expect are Adobe, Apple and Avid. Sure, there are a lot of other players out there and some from large companies like Sony and Harris, but in terms of market share they are more peripheral.

I’d heard a rumor some time ago but hesitated to post it because of just that – it’s a rumor. I looked at Leitch’s website but no press releases were there. In fact, no real press release on the NLE side since 2005 which in and of itself is quite telling.

Today, in revisiting this tidbit, I looked at Creative Cow and checked up on the DPSVelocity forum and found the following:

Velocity Post

It seems pretty straightforward and some of the following user comments are upset and I understand why. Harris is a pretty big company but the NLE space is complicated and changing constantly, so you must be committed to the space to keep up. I think that Leitch was there but Harris’ acquisition might have changed that.

Coming back to Adobe, I take great comfort in that our CEO, Bruce Chizen consistently talks about the importance of video tools for Adobe and for the marketplace in general. Media creation is exploding and to keep pace with that the need for video tools and video editors is also increasing. So, while nothing is forever, I’m confident that Adobe will continue to operate, innovate and lead in the market with our products and provide our customers a comfort factor that we’ll be there for them today and in the future.

On a related note, downloads of Premiere Pro, After Effects CS3 and Soundbooth continue to increase and the feedback overall has been pretty positive. If you haven’t checked out the website to get them, you can go here here

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