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Are you thinking about waiting for Production Premium CS3?

Having worked with computers since…well since before most of you were born, I have talked to people about them for just as long. Having represented different software and hardware companies the following question continues to come up and will for the foreseeable future: “Should I wait for the next version?”

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Well, I’m here to give you my honest (translation – non-salesperson) take on if you’re considering waiting to upgrade to Production Premium CS3 as to why you shouldn’t.

First, if you do this for a business or side money or are independently wealthy, the question is why are you waiting? If you make money with these tools and you have a project coming up, then you know that new versions for whatever software you buy are going to improve your overall efficiency, quality and delivery options. Besides, it’s a tax write off. BTW – that’s a free tip to tell your significant other when you ‘have to’ have the next version.

Second, the advantages of the Production Studio to any single Adobe point product like Premiere Pro or After Effects is as wide as east is from west. The suite feature of Dynamic Link alone is worth the price of admission. Believe it or not, there are plenty of customers that I talk to, who come to seminars and events, who are still using Premiere 6.5! I’m fine with that, but I get bummed at what you are missing out on!

Lastly, Adobe has what we call a grandfather clause. What this means is that if you purchase Adobe Production Studio now, you are eligible for Production Premium CS3 when it ships! No way! WAY!!! The details are below, so don’t take my word for it.

Because we love “But wait, there’s more!” type statements, I’d like to point out one more potential advantage of purchasing now. As an old audio person, I happen to really like the tools and capabilities of Audition 2.0. This product is continuing to be developed but will not be included in the upcoming suite because it’s windows only. However, if you use PC and purchase now, you’ll have Audition to bring along with you in the new suite as well Soundbooth.

I know that you have a host of objections as to why you shouldn’t and I probably can’t argue them anyway but I do believe there are some things to consider here that aren’t commonly known about upgrading, hence the blog post here. So, it’s food for thought and of course, feel free to comment on why you agree or disagree.

Basic starting point: http://www.adobe.com
Production Studio at Adobe Store: Adobe Store

And by the way, for those of you who are wondering what my first computer was, it was an Apple II+ with a whopping 64kb of memory and a 6501 processor. I also played around with TRS-80’s during high school. I then left computers all together and didn’t get back into them until I started playing around with Opcode’s Studio Vision and ogled the then king of all computers – the Apple Macintosh II (x or fx)…Right now, I’m looking for a simple way to install OS9 back into a g4 laptop to transfer old Vision midi tracks to an open midi standard. Help!


I have CS3 and love it. As a professional photographer using a digital camera it is a must!

i want to know the serial of the cool edit

[DR – if you have a legal copy of Cool Edit, you can call customer service to retrieve it.]

It’s good to hear that Audition is still being developed. I’ve been using it since it was Cool Edit, and even before Pro existed.

I’ve just purchased CS3 Web Premium, with plans to trade up to Master Collection when it’s available.

Is Audition included with Master Collection? I currently have Audition licensed though work’s Production Studio CS2, but I’d like my own license eventually.

[DR – As an old audio guy myself, I also am glad that Audition is still being developed and continually surprised that people think it’s being discontinued in light of Soundbooth.

Anyway, Audition is NOT a part of any suite (web, design, video or Master Collection). This product is separate and specifically for certain types of customers. Other products that are like this are Lightroom and GoLive)]

I agree, if you use this on professional basis, you should upgrade indeed. I had many contact in the past where companies were still using out-dated versions, very frustrating. Unfortunately, for someone like me, limited budget, no own company; it’s very hard to update each time. Using premiere pro and CS2 stuff, it’s very teasing to do an upgrade because of many useful features.

So, you are suggesting that non-Windows using Mac users should wait until July to upgrade to Production Premium CS3?

I personally would prefer to pay for Production Premium CS3 now, download the available components now and wait for premeire etc, but Adobe will not allow this. Adobe sales has been quiet clear that they can not accomidate me.

So what would you suggest?

[DR – If you’re a Mac only user (meaning you don’t use or want Bootcamp+XP, then I’d wait. If you are a windows user at least some of the time, my statements above are for you to consider and make your own choice. I think there are some good reasons but as I said, it’s really up to you. Hope this helps!]

[DR – also on the Adobe sales not being able to help you…If you’re asking for THe available components now (like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) and then get Premiere Pro, etc when it comes out, I understand why we said we couldn’t help you. It’s all tied to one serial # for the suite and so making it piece meal is impossible. I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

PS – nice website and photography!]

Oh the good old 6501/2, I loved em. that really was a long time ago. I remember my ZX81, I won’t even talk about it’s memory.lol.


10 print ‘glenn’
20 goto 10
30 rem ‘those were the days lol’

[DR – take me back to basics or BASIC as the case may be! Good memories…]

i mean – yes, i know about cs3 beta’s, however there’s no grandfather clause for mac (buy production studio [ae7/ppro2/etc] NOW and receive production premium cs3 once it ships) 😉

[DR – actually, you can purchase Production Studio now and get a no penalty upgrade to Mac when it ships. At least that is my understanding. Of course, to use it now, you either need a PC or run in Bootcamp, which most Mac users would like to avoid. However, if you do use PC, then you do have an upgrade path to Mac.

Hope this helps.]

yup, but [afraid] there is no Adobe Production Studio for mac..

[DR – Ahh but there is!!! Check out http://labs.adobe.com and download Premiere Pro and Soundbooth (both new to Mac) today.]

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