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CS3 conferences across the US

I’ve got to believe someone else has posted on this already, but I’ll chime in regardless. As I’ve been traveling, I’ve gotten the same question again and again, ‘what about training for CS3?’ Of course there are a lot of answers, but one that may be coming to a city near you is Adobe itself.

In fact, I got that very question today at NYU’s film school where I presented Production Premium CS3 and I’m ashamed to say, I forgot to mention this…

That’s right! Step right up and see the greatest creative suite on earth! (with proper acknowledgement to PT Barnum)

If you’re interested in what makes CS3 tick…if you’re not sure you want to upgrade…If you want to talk to Adobe people…if you’ve already purchased and now need to get a crash course on all the new features…if you need to get a day out of the office…etc…

This is one opportunity to do all of the above and hopefully have fun doing it. While this one or two day event won’t replace training products, I do think and hope that this will be an event that will educate and inspire our customers to new heights with CS3.

Where are they?

Chicago – May 16
Austin – May 23
San Jose – May 31
Toronto – June 4
Boston – June 12
Seattle – June 14
Los Angeles June 19-20
New York June 25-26

How do I find out more?


This may look like shameless promotion, but as I said, the question of training for learning or for inspiration is a regular theme that comes up and so, this is just one more opportunity that you can avail yourself of…

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