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Visual Communicator 3 up on the Adobe Labs site

When I joined Adobe, one of the things I was immediately struck by was the amount of communication that you had to try and keep up on.  The amount of technology, the number of internal people that you had to know, etc.  One of my friends and coworkers called it, ‘drinking from the Adobe hose.’  By it, he implied that it was sometimes an overwhelmling experience.  Well, two years later, it’s no different and I found out just a couple of days ago that we just put up one of the exciting applications from the former Serious Magic company – Visual Communicator 3.

I understand that the Weather Channel uses this product extensively to do some of their work and it certainly makes sense. VIsual Communicator has a lot of interesting applications such as the one man news crew, the sophisticated blogger, the internal communications channel of a large (or small!) business, an internal news channel done for and by the school….and I’m sure there are more. 

What I find most interesting and compelling is how Visual Communicator indexes time or events.  As a video editor, I’m used to using timelines ala Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc…  Visual Communicator takes a different approach.  It looks at the script or teleprompter as the item upon which you base your events.  Sound weird? I would have been right there with you until I started playing with it. I’m no expert, but I didn’t really have to be. 

Anyway, check it out and be sure to start by looking at some of the demo or sample projects – they’re easy to find.

Visual Communicator 3 Preview page

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