Going Dark (temporarily)…

I’ll be taking a welcomed break from all things Adobe and kicking back in Charleston, SC with a whole bunch of beach/pool action.  Hope to grab a lot of photos, read some books and of course, play with Production Premium CS3 and write up some tutorials…We’ll see if I’m inspired enough to post while I’m away…

Dan Ebbert’s – AE scripting genius

Dan is one of the forum moderators at Creative Cow’s AE forum and also a guy who knows AE’s scripting engine inside and out.  I’ll be honest – I DON’T know it (much) but hope to learn more.  Anyway, if you’re into scripting and automating After Effects, this is a great resource to dive into…

Dan Ebbert’s AE Scripting website

Exploring Shape Layers

Yesterday, I was at this small show in NY called ProMax BDA which stands for Broadcast Design Association (I think). The event is a showcase for all of the broadcasters to tout their design ideals and work.  All of the big boys are there and it’s quite interesting: especially the difference between what’s acceptable here versus internationally.  The quality of people at this show was very high and it was fun to talk and meet with many of them.

So, I was there with Aharon Rabinowitz from Creative Cow and and we’re talking about Shape Layers…

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A Hidden Gem (for me) in After Effects CS3

So there I was last week, biding my time at the Jersey Access Group convention and was noodling with After Effects CS3…interpretation – I was making awful stuff.  So, I was reviewing some other half baked compositions and then stumbled upon one of the most important new features in After Effects CS3 not mentioned in Adobe web pages.

You Tube is really letting me down today, but hopefully you see the video now…

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Planet Earth in AE

I’m thinking that I’ll do a couple of these here over time, but this initial one is as easy as can be.  Ever wanted to create the Earth not in six days but in six minutes?  Let me show you how and give you a project file

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Some ramblings, whereabouts and whats coming

Tonight is another hit and run entry, but I still hope you’ll find it entertaining and useful.  But in order to tempt you to read on…ah well, I trust you.

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Grunge up in Photoshop!

Photoshop is so nice and clean, from it’s interface to it’s pristine handling of files.  You almost forget that there are lots of ways to rip up, chew up, distort, mangle and otherwise maul images and artwork.  Over the weekend, I found some Photoshop brushes that make this kind of work easy and fun…

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Using Photoshop Filters on video

Every once in a great while, I have a few spare nanoseconds to actually fiddle with the software and the other day I thought, "What if I apply Photoshop filters to video?"  The next question was, "Will that even work?"

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