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A Hidden Gem (for me) in After Effects CS3

So there I was last week, biding my time at the Jersey Access Group convention and was noodling with After Effects CS3…interpretation – I was making awful stuff.  So, I was reviewing some other half baked compositions and then stumbled upon one of the most important new features in After Effects CS3 not mentioned in Adobe web pages.

You Tube is really letting me down today, but hopefully you see the video now…

What is it???

Well, to me one of the areas that After Effects needs to grow in is the area of particles.  It’s so good at so many things, it just seems wrong that it isn’t awesome at this particular thing.  And speaking of Particular – there is the wonderful Trapcode plugin as well as Wondertouch’s Particle Illusion products. If you’re serious about getting into this aspect of effects and motion graphics, you need one or both of these.

Anyway, In After Effects CS3, we have new versions of the Cycore plugins and when I looked at CC Particle World, what did my eyes see?  A beautiful parameter called Texture where I could assign a layer or shape as the particle itself.  Take a look at the video below and I’ll be putting up the Project File later.  Please note that this project HAS to be opened in After Effects CS3, so if you haven’t downloaded the public preview version yet, you should go here – Adobe Labs

As a final BTW, my wife said this composition looked very 70’s (bad 70’s of course) and I have to agree being a fan of That 70’s Show that it could fit.  Hey – at least I was thinking of her when I did it – our 12th anniversery is coming up next week…

Project file: Using Shapes as Particles

Happy Monday!


Sorry to steal your thunder, but you could always do that in Foam, which I think was even around in AE 5? I know it was in AE 6.

[DR – thanks for the tip. I checked it out and indeed you can do that. That’s always one of the most interesting things about After Effects…you can come up with multiple ways of doing the same thing.]

my cs3 does not have cc particle world how can i install it

[DR – Larry, the Cycore (CC) effects are a part of the CS3 install and should be there. go to your effects and presets panel and in the search field type ‘CC’. That should find them. However, if not, explore the 3rd party or goodies folder on Production Premium and you should find the installer there.]

Thanks for the heads up on this!!!
Any luck using an expression to lock the xyz postion data to a null or anything else for that matter. I’m having none at all.

[DR – dunno – I’ll try and check it out.]

Where did you get Cycore effects plugins that work with the CS3 Preview?

[DR – I have access to internal builds and they’re a part of the install. I assumed the same for the preview build that is on the labs website. I’ll have to look into this and get back to you. Stay tuned]

I am not sure why it did not run for you? I had no problems.

[DR – me either, but the video is at least up and running now…]

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