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Exploring Shape Layers

Yesterday, I was at this small show in NY called ProMax BDA which stands for Broadcast Design Association (I think). The event is a showcase for all of the broadcasters to tout their design ideals and work.  All of the big boys are there and it’s quite interesting: especially the difference between what’s acceptable here versus internationally.  The quality of people at this show was very high and it was fun to talk and meet with many of them.

So, I was there with Aharon Rabinowitz from Creative Cow and AENY.org and we’re talking about Shape Layers…

The more we talked about it, the more we agreed that this feature was so immense, so encompassing and so easy to get lost in, that we wonder how to approach talking about it.  It’s really that big and while it’s so approachable for beginners, you can also quickly get lost and discouraged with it.  Personally, I think one thing I have to start playing with is using Shape Layers and then taking it to Brainstorm!!!  Ahh, there’s an idea for you!

So, last night as I watched Ghostrider (maybe a 6.5 out of 10), I played around with Shape Layers in a minimalist approach and am posting them for you to view and download.  These are After Effects CS3 features so that means you have to have After Effects CS3 preview to play with it.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, take a look at the Labs website: Adobe Labs

Shape Layers Project

As a PS – Aharon did some great demos of After Effects CS3 during his presentation and I know that he’ll be encorporating some of them into his Creative Cow Podcasts in the future – if you’re not subscribing, you should start. Creative Cow Podcasts

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