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Planet Earth in AE

I’m thinking that I’ll do a couple of these here over time, but this initial one is as easy as can be.  Ever wanted to create the Earth not in six days but in six minutes?  Let me show you how and give you a project file

The attached zip file has the After Effects Project file as well as a PDF tutorial on steps to recreate it from scratch.  I’ll hope to do a follow up with the solar system with a 3d fly thru or create some strange planets…as always comments are welcome.

Strange Planet File Download


everything is good in here, actually i meant the tutorials ‘n’ stuff like the explanations were clear and all.

[DR – Great, glad to hear it.]

This is downloading parts 1 and 3 of the pdf, but not part 2.

[John – I’m not following you here, can you be more specific? I don’t think there are 3 PDFs in the download.]

Glad to see your earth is rotating in the correct direction. 9 out of 10 planet/sphere projects have the sun rising over San Diego.

david boise ID

[DR – believe it or not, that one stumped me for a few moments. Thanks for the comment.]

Hello sir, this is extremely great video but when i am clicking this link to download PDF file this zip file has nothing, there is only one zipped folder by name of footage which is empty. I would like to read its PDF file and want to follow this globe tutorial step by step but i cant.
thanks any way

[DR – let me take a look and see what’s up!]
[DR – I took a look, downloaded the zip and opened up the PDF – no problems. ]

Have you seen this?


[DR – what a great piece and great graphics. Thanks for pointing this out. As I am likely to say again and again – this is why I sell software whereas others create interesting animations! Jump to this link as it is well worth it…

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