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Some ramblings, whereabouts and whats coming

Tonight is another hit and run entry, but I still hope you’ll find it entertaining and useful.  But in order to tempt you to read on…ah well, I trust you.

Gotcha! 😉

Hitting the items in the title in reverse order leads me to say I’ve got a bunch of ideas and the problem is doing my real job (this is just fun) while at the same time finishing up ever more ambitious tutorials.  Still, I want to hold true to the blog’s purpose: namely to help beginners get comfortable with some awesomely fun products, which so far has been mostly After Effects.  I promise I’ll be putting in a bunch on all kinds of applications, but I’m doing them as I go.  I’ve got a simple planet tutorial on how to make planet earth or our solar system, or something completely crazy.  I’m also working on taking our plasma fire tutorial and turning yours truly into a superhero – my kids love what I’ve done so far.  I’m also trying to finish up an article on Vista (or at least my initial thoughts on it)

Whereabouts: In NYC this week and next.  Hitting the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management conference this week as well as visiting the SMPTE chapter in NYC.  Next week, I’ll be showing Production Premium CS3 to the Final Cut Users Group in NY as well as be a part of ProMax BEA – a high end designer show.

Breath deeply – then I’m going on PTO…also known as Paid Time OFF!!!  I want to say I’ll keep blogging during this time, but no promises – the beach (and my wife and kids) is calling.

Finally, a quick hit on another useful website that I’ve found.  Deviant Art – very cool and worth a look at – especially the textures under resources…DeviantART

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