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Using Photoshop Filters on video

Every once in a great while, I have a few spare nanoseconds to actually fiddle with the software and the other day I thought, "What if I apply Photoshop filters to video?"  The next question was, "Will that even work?"

Well, turns out it does.  With Photoshop CS3 Extended you can import video as a layer or as a series of layers (1 for each frame). I imported our drummer video and started applying some of the standard Filter Gallery presets to the video all using the animation timeline feature of CS3.  Take a look below to see what you think…


I’ll say this, I’m continually amazed at the possibilities of Photoshop and now even what we can do with video inside of it.  Great stuff to ponder on a Friday!


thanks but a small compliant that does nt give any save option only pls provide save option also

[DR – I’m not following you. You can either save the file as a Photoshop document, or if you wish, you can export the file out as a video (quicktime). Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll try to help.]

I wished the sound was still there when I’ve imported the video..

Is this possible?


Why not tell people how you did this!?

[DR – Hey Joe. I guess I thought I had but thanks for pointing it out! Essentially, you import video into Photoshop CS3 Extended and from there you simply apply the same filters in Photoshop for the video file as you have done over time with still image files. So if you like the sandstone texture filter, now you can apply that to video as well. Let me know if I need to do something more specific…]

Surely exporting video as a filmstrip file, importing it into PS and applying various effects has been possible long before CS3.

[DR – True to some extent, but the usability and freedom to experiment in CS3 Extended is significantly enhanced. I think the ease of use really encourages people to experiment whereas the old one was far less interactive. Thanks for the comment.]

How’d you do that exactly?

Can you animate these filters over time?


[DR – I haven’t tried to animate the filters themselves over time – I’ll try to look into that]

Am I the only person here that remembers filmstrip files? 😉

I’ve messed around with previous Photoshops – batch processing a folder full of images – and while it works it is slow and not a very interactive iterative workflow.

This sounds like it will work much nicer.

Now I just have to wait for Adobe to ship me my copy of Production Studio Premium CS3.

Are we there yet?

[DR – Photoshop CS3 Extended does indeed work faster and the workflow with video is obviously much cleaner. however, in working with 3 iterations of that file in my PSD document, it did get a bit sluggish on the timeline towards the end. Still, it’s a huge step in teh right direction.

As for Production Premium CS3 – we haven’t made any changes to the ship schedule that I know of. So sometime in the next quarter is still what we’re targeting.

Hope this helps!]

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