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eSeminar on 8/2 – are you ready for CS3?

I’m going to be honest here and say that I really want a lot of people to not only sign up but actually show up online at check out the latest eSeminar that I’ll be doing.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  Firstly and selfishly, it is like when I was a kid playing shows at bars or recitals: you like playing for a full house (even if it’s virtual).  How about that for honesty?  Secondly, I believe in Production Premium CS3 and in my recent travels, I can’t tell you how many people are looking for information about what it is, to see it in action and to ask questions (which you can do in this seminar).  Lastly, it uses some great technology from Adobe that is based on Flash called Connect. If you have the Flash player (and you do) then you have all that’s needed to use Connect.

So, how ’bout it?  Join in the eSeminar by clicking on the following link:

eSeminar for Video Professionals (that’s you!)

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