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Favorite new feature of Photoshop CS3?

I was thinking about a meeting with NBC the other week where we presented Production Premium CS3 to several of the graphics artists, art directors, artists, etc…  After talking about the features and giving an overview of the suite, I started out by firing up Photoshop CS3 Extended.

Now, as you may guess, we are given a bunch of demo assets and you can then pick and choose which features to show off based upon your audience and what their needs are.  Well, with NBC, you can imagine that it would be difficult to find a place to start. However it wasn’t a problem.  You see, I start out with the same feature in almost every presentation I do.  It isn’t the top ‘ooh ahh’ feature of Photoshop CS3 Extended.  It’s not even the top feature in the standard version of Photoshop CS3. At first glance, it’s about the least sexy feature in Photoshop.

Yet, for me (and for people new to Photoshop), it’s the best feature we’ve seen in a long time.  Yup, I started out showing off the quick selection tool.

If you’ve read this far and you’re going, "what is the quick selection tool?", then you need to keep reading.  Here’s why: it’s my personal belief that one of the foundational things to learn when it comes to Photoshop is knowing how to use the various selection tools. 

Until now, that was somewhat problematic.  You’ve got your wand tool, the marquee tool, the polygon tool, the lasso tool, etc.  There’s been a quiet rumbling, a groundswell of discontent amongst amateurs and pros alike. You were saying, "Give us the uber selection tool, the magic selection tool!"  John Nack and the team heard you and gave us the quick selection tool.

So, if you haven’t given the quick selection tool a try yet, then perhaps it’s time you did.  If you haven’t given Photoshop CS3 a try yet, well…then…what are you waiting for?! 😉


i will give this a try right now, thanks

[My job here is done!]

I have to agree with you, in terms of actual practical day-to-day work, that this is a brilliant addition to the tool box. It’s saved me many hours of production time already, although I still depend heavily on alpha channels for fine selection control.

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