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Moving tutorial projects to CS3 versions soon

With Production Premium CS3 starting to ship, I will be moving my projects (this is mostly After Effects) over to the latest versions.  Unfortunately, this means some of you may not be able to look at these moving forward, but I’ll be doing my level best to include pictures and movies to give you an idea. 

Also, don’t forget that trial versions should be posted soon (if they’re not already) and if there is something you really want to try, well, that’t what they are there for.  There’s a lot to explore and more people than ever to help you learn it, so when you crack open your copy of Production Premium, I want all Premiere Pro users to repeat after me, "I will begin learning After Effects CS3 because it’s fun and can help me be more creative."

On a personal note, I’m using this non-travel week to clean up my office which was long overdue.  It’s amazing how much junk you can accumulate during a couple years with Adobe.  This is most (not including my personal music gear) of what I pulled out of my office before I vacuumed and the like.  Pretty terrible huh?


Tomorrow (July 4th), I’m off to visit the Apple store to get my Mac laptop fixed (grumble, grumble.)

Cheers, D


I am interested in tutorial on Photoshop CS3. I can’t seem to find them. Are you updating them as we speak (ah email)? Or are they somewhere else on Adobe.com

[DR – I moved to CS3 project files shortly after CS3 shipped in July of ’07. So, any of the tutorials that I post on my blog after that date will have CS3 file types. Meaning, that if I put up a After Effects project, it will be a CS3 instead of AE7 or earlier. With some products like Photoshop, there is a compatibility mode by default so that if I make something that doesn’t use CS3 features, I can open it up in CS2. I hope this makes sense for you!]

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