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Quicktime 7.2 – stay away for now…

Internally, emails sometimes fly about within Adobe. We use this as a way of keeping each other informed about the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not sure which one this falls under, but it certainly isn’t under ‘the good’.

In my inbox today was some threads and links to problems having to do with Quicktime not playing nice with Rosetta based applications.  To quote a link posted below, "one of the most serious issues ever associated with an incremental QuickTime update"

Ugh…So – stay away from this particular update until it all gets straightened out.  Of course, this is if you own an Intel based Mac.

MacFixIt Article

Update – 8/31/07:  Somehow, during one of the regular Macintosh updates, I somehow didn’t deselect the Quicktime 7.2 update and whamo! I was stuck! Looking for an easy way out, I came upon Pacifist, which is a software package that will allow individual installs. It allowed me to install Quicktime 7.1.6 over 7.2 after a fashion and at least for me, it seems to be working reasonably well.

Charlesoft/Pacifist can be had here: Pacifist

It’s also worth noting that a LOT of software companies and users have had issues with QuickTime 7.2, so hopefully users are staying away from it until it’s all sorted out.


link to macfixit article requires a subscription.



[DR – Funny – it wasn’t a problem for me and I’m sure I don’t have a subscription. The news is out there though, maybe search on google?]

The problem is that some library is causing prebinding to fail. No idea which one. It’s not related to java but Java 6 is implicated because it changes the prebinding order, it seems.

I’m still unsure if this is a bug in QT 7.2 or a long, long standing bug in Mac OS X that is triggered by having QT 7.2 installed.

Also, this is completely unrelated to CFM apps as Photoshop CS2 is not a CFM app, it’s a mach-o application. However, the problem only appears to occur with PowerPC binaries in my experience. And it happens on PPC macs as well. However, the problems on PPC macs is far more sporadic and odd. Since there’s no prebinding cache, applications can launch and execute slower, and shared mem can’t be used for the shared dyld cache.

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